Did you ever have a thought that the google default keyboard you are currently using is very boring or it has a serious lack of functionality?

Yes, it has those awesome themes and highly useful synchronization feature but is that enough in this ever-updating world? Definitely not. 
Enters Slash keyboard, the new keyboard in the market which not only has all those features that google keyboard offers but also some extra capabilities that will impress you for sure.
What the app does
The basic functionality and purpose of this app is very clear, to type. But if you think it only does that you cannot be more wrong. Slash keyboard adds an extra button along with the other buttons that are normally present in a keyboard. 

This button as they call it the “Slash button” is where the magic is.
When You click that button it take you into a menu built right into your keyboard, so that you need not leave your current screen. 

This menu has a whole lot of useful and impressive features followed by a slash, which you can select and perform the corresponding actions.
 Slash Keyboard- screenshot
For example, there is a service named “/Spotify” which allows you to share your Spotify favorite playlists or songs right from your keyboard without leaving the current app. And also there are the “/Facebook”, “/Twitter”, “/Youtube” and many other services which allow you to share your favorite content across various websites and social media.
Hell, it even performs Google searches and returns the results right from the keyboard!
 Slash Keyboard- screenshot
How cool is that!
How to use it
As I mentioned earlier it is a keyboard app and it’s primary purpose is typing. 

Since we are all performing that task for decades, I think that you don’t need any instruction in that area.
But since you are going to replace your default keyboard app with Slash I will walk you through the instructions on how to set it up.
Once you have installed the app from the play store
and open the app you will be presented with the above screen where you should enable the Slash keyboard by selecting it from the languages and input menu

After you have enabled it, you can start using the app right away by switching to the Slash keyboard in the next screen.
From there on you will be provided with the keyboard layout and you are free to go and explore the services offered by the app.

When can it be used
This app is to reduce the frustration of the users who were annoyed by the need to every time open a new app or switch to an app whenever they have to share a photo or do a google search or find the name of the artist who composed their favorite song in Sound cloud or Spotify.
Imagine a situation where you are texting with your friend and he asks you to send those pictures you took last week. 

What you would normally do is that you would leave the current app, open your gallery and then hunt for those pictures and select them and a share them with your friend. Wufff what a long process…
But with Slash Keyboard you can do this task right from your keyboard without having to leave your screen!
You can also perform other services such as sharing your Facebook pictures, doing a Google search and much more without leaving your current screen!
It also allows you to share emojis,gifs,Wikipedia articles,foursquare places,your location,sends an email,shares your Twitter, Instagram feeds, Search for a product on Amazon and much, much more.

You can even add your own set of service if you want!
Battery and memory consumption
I have been using this app for a few days now and I can only say that I never experienced any memory or a battery drain. 

The app was functioned very smoothly and it consumed only about 60MB of your memory the whole day. So it wouldn’t be a problem for those people with old phones as the app is well optimized.
The only major issue of this app according to me is the lack of swipe functionality but it is overshadowed by the pool of services it offers. 

But as you know that opinions may differ and lack of this feature may not be a concern for you. So give it a go…
Bottom Line

If productivity is your top priority and you are not afraid of a little change you will not be disappointed

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