It has been a busy week for Google, with announcing the best apps of 2016 and best games of 2016. Right when you think that its all over, Google strikes back with an another exciting announcement.

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As announced earlier, Google has introduced the all new RCS feature to its messenger app. Wonder what is RCS? Read on to know more…

RCS is Rich Communication Services program associated with GSM and IP multimedia subsystem to provide the users with enhanced phonebook, messaging and call functionalities.

Basically it is like Whatsapp and Facebook but it is built right into your phone and you can use it off-line and the highlight is you do not need the person at the other end to be connected to the Internet as well!

RCS also allows you to send files, share your location, or even initiate a video conferencing call right from your default messenger app. It also supports group chats, shows the online and typing status of the user and many more. Basically, it is like iMessage for the android ecosystem.


You may ask, So what if Google introduces RCS? I already use Whatsapp or other similar messaging services and I like it better. Yes, I agree with you, but the thing with RCS enabled default messenger is that it uses your carrier or your mobile data pack or to send and receive messages, which means you need not be connected to the internet all the time.

It is currently up and running for sprint users and is expected to gradually roll out to AT&T and Verizon. Keep checking for the update because it may reach you anytime

Also, unlike other messaging platforms or services, this is not filled with a vast number of features that majority of the users not even know exists. It has a simple yet intuitive interface providing the users with only the most essential features. And hey, also it does not collect your data and then sell it to advertisers. So, you can use it with utmost confidence that your privacy is not jeopardized!


The messenger with RCS update from Google is currently rolling out slowly to people across the world, and it does not support some carriers yet. So, if you have a supported carrier and you are a person who welcomes a good change, try using Google Messenger and let me know your experiences Below in the comments.

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