It’s been almost a week since the arrival of the new year, and even though deep inside we all know that it’s just another year added to our routine life, we still believe that it will change us from how we were last year. Though most of the time it ends up the same as last year or the countless number of years before, some of them manage to make a significant change to themselves and their lives.

You may think that they are some magicians or something, but they too are people like us with a little more willpower and determination than the rest of us. But we cannot download those things right away and install them right? That’s why I am presenting you a list of apps which you could install on your phone that helps you in overcoming that voice in you that says that “You can’t do it” and actually make your new year’s resolution, whatever it may be, a success this time.

I have managed to get a list of most popular resolutions taken every year from  and I am gonna jot down all of those apps that will help you achieve what is mentioned above.

Lose Weight

We all know that it is one of the most popular resolutions taken every year and also the one which is tough to follow and easy to give up. So I am just gonna leave you with some apps that makes the process of losing weight this year much easier.

This app is very common in the android world when someone is talking about fitness, mainly because it is from Google and it seamlessly integrates with your phone to constantly maintain and manage your day to day activities like running, walking and cycling while working in the background without interfering with the other tasks you do with your phone.

It also has android wear support, so you can also install it in your android wear and smartwatches like the Samsung Gear S3 or the Moto 360 and sign in into your google account to track your activities from any of your devices.

The app also tracks your location thus providing details about the distance you have covered, the places you have visited and also the steps and calories you have burnt by using the pedometer or any other related sensors that are present in your phone.You can make use of the sensors in your smartwatches by installing this app and then setting up your daily goal and work daily to achieve it.

If running or walking is not your cup of tea or you don’t have a time of it, this app also allows you to add the favorite activity of your choice like playing soccer, swimming or dancing and best of all it even tracks your activity even when you are not moving or doing any work!

This app is a boon for those people who constantly run towards their job and actually have very less time for themselves but still want to be in shape and look good. You can use it whenever you find some free time in your busy schedule and just have to spend 7 minutes with the pre-planned and personalized workout methods based on the goal you have set.

It offers the high-intensity workout training which is completely safe allowing you to get the maximum result with minimum time and also it provides voice guidance and demo for the workout plans making it easier for you to follow and practice. 

You can also select the specific kind of workouts for your body parts and assign the time limit for every kind of exercise in the circuit based on your pace and stamina. And best of all, this app was awarded as the best of 2016 with over 10 million downloads and an editor’s choice award.

This is my favorite app in this category and I personally use this excessively and I have witnessed significant results with this. What it does is to create a customized weight loss plan for you based on the information you provide about your height, weight, and age and then you just have to follow the plan in order to reach your goal. Yes, it is that simple.

You can also log the information of the food you eat or the exercises you have done for a better experience, The most useful feature of this app is SnapIt, which allows you to take a picture of your food and upload it. 

It then automatically detects what kind of food it is and then displays the calorie content and the fat percentage of your food, giving you a clear picture of what amount of calories you are consuming and allowing it to increase or decrease the amount based on your customized weight loss plan.


This app has an interesting approach towards your self-improvement by tracking your mood on a day to day basis. All you have to is to open the app and enter how you feel today by clicking on the beautifully designed icons based on the material design guidelines and it will save your mood and how you are feeling today. 

By constantly updating your mood every day, you can track how you were feeling that week or the month so that you could work on improving yourself from how you were before. It also provides interesting statistics based on your data so that you can see how many days you were happy or when did you feel awful.

You can also add activities to your day like partying, gone to the movies etc and add notes to help you remember what you were doing that day on that month. You can also set reminders, mark your appointments or important events and even assign a pin or a password to your diary to make it truly private. It also allows you to take a backup of all your entries and then to sync it across all of your devices using Google drive.

Quoter is one of those apps which helps you to realize your true self and know the ups and downs of life. It provides daily quotes to you based on the topics of your interests allowing you to learn about the depth and meaning of life. 

It has beautiful backgrounds and awesome pictures making it much more interesting to read than just simple pieces of text against a white or a black background. You can also change the color and the size of the text to suit to your liking and if you insist you may also contribute to the community with your favorite quotes or sayings.

You may sometimes constantly find yourself searching the internet for interesting or motivational content to read but end up landing on the same old page or facebook you visit daily. I know that it may be frustrating to search the web for content you actually find useful, this is where OneHowTo comes to make the process much, much simpler for you.

What it does is to provide you useful topics based on the interests you provide which include how to guides, tips on specific tasks on any topics ranging from technology, lifestyle, relationships and health.

You can also mark favorite articles and tips by creating an account based on which you get more related and improved content suggestions.

Quit Smoking

This is by far one of the hardest things one ever has to do. To quit smoking is to quit living for someone and to follow is actually very tough but it is not impossible like any other thing. These apps will largely help you in overcoming that and make you and the people around you happier and healthier.

This app is a must-have for anyone who wants to quit smoking but finds it very hard since they are addicted to it. It not only motivates you by tracking your progress of how many days you have not smoked but also estimates the money you have saved by not smoking.

It shows what you could buy by saving the amount spent on cigarettes, which, I think is highly motivating and also shows you how far and well your health have been restored since you have stopped smoking by indicating your blood pressure levels and heart pulse rate from which you can see the chances of you having a heart attack is highly reduced,

You can also maintain a record of your tracking by taking notes and writing a dairy which also serves the purpose of motivating you through the hardships of quitting smoking.

Learn Something new

This is actually easy and also an effective resolution since it helps you in improving your knowledge and also you have a wide range of resources and online help free of cost which helps you in achieving your task.

I am sure that most of the smartphone users might have definitely heard about duolingo, an app which brought in revolutionary ways to learn a new language in the most fun and effective way.
You can learn any of the popular languages with this app and even master it by just spending few minutes a day.

It involves a step by step and an effective learning process which uses interactive learning sessions including pictures and voice overs which help you in the journey of learning a new language. It also assigns you a score by placing you on the leaderboard and provides you ratings and badges to keep you motivated through the process.

You can take tests and quizzes at the end of each lesson to make sure you are making an effective progress and ensuring you that you do not forget what you have learned. It also allows you to set reminders at specific points of the day so that you do not miss out on the learning sessions of the day.

Solo Learn is actually a gem to people who wants to improve their skills in programming and development. It is a collection of very useful apps that helps you master yourself in most important fundamental programming languages like, python, java, HTML etc.

It has an interactive website and an app that makes the process of learning a new programming language very interesting and along with their huge community support you cannot find a better place to develop your skills. You also get a certificate with the sign of the CEO when you complete a course in Solo Learn.

Coursera is an awesome platform for people who want to learn anything right from academic related topics to something fun and useful for photography and music right from the comfort of their home.
It covers a wide range of topics and courses with interactive sessions and instruction videos which teach you about the topics you want to learn

The best part about coursera is that it offers most of the useful courses for free and it constantly updates its repository by combining itself with some of the top educational institutions around the world. You can also sign up for paid course materials and community support and use it across all of your devices.

Help other people

People taking this kind of resolution, though less in number, must be appreciated for their good initiative. Even though some of them wants to help other people in the world in whatever way they can, many of them do not know where to start or how to contribute to the society, I believe that this app will help them in doing the needful.

This is one of those apps that deserve to be called as best and innovative and also named as the google’s editor’s choice.
The concept of share the meal is very simple, ShareTheMeal is a non-profit initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme which allows you to feed a hungry child anywhere in the world by just a single tap on your app screen which donates 0.35 euros to a child sufficient enough for a 1-day meal.

They also show you where the meal was distributed and what was your impact allowing you to feel proud of yourself that you have made a valuable contribution. So download it right away and make a change!

I hope you find this article helpful in achieving your new year’s resolution and make a change in your life. I would be happy even if anyone of you successfully achieves his/her new years’ resolution after reading this post. 

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