With LGV20, the first smartphone with nougat out of the box and the first smartphone with a dual display, we all knew that dual displays are going to become a thing. But no one knew it will be this soon, with the announcement of the brand new HTC U ULTRA at the CES last week.

The Taiwanese Company Suggests that HTC U ULTRA is a phone built for ‘U’ but we have to wait for its official release around March 2017 to see if it’s true. But rest assured this phone has the potential to be labeled as one of the exciting announcements at CES this year besides the Snapdragon 835.


With its 5.7 inch Quad HD display and a super LCD screen along with the new Liquid surface that HTC Claims to have introduced in the new U Ultra, there is no doubt that this phone will excel in terms of quality and performance in the daydream VR and other Functionalities of Virtual Reality.

The hardware must not be a joke either with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and the 821 processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon the phone is expected to be blazing fast than many of its rivals, especially the Samsung S7 Edge.


The most exciting thing about the new HTC U ULTRA besides all those new hardware inclusions must be the HTC Sense Companion, an artificial intelligence much like the Google Assistant, if not better. With AI built right in into a phone for the first time, unlike the Assistant From Google, the Sense Companion is expected to evolve as you use the phone over the time. 

HTC Suggests that it is capable of learning about your actions and sends you instructions and suggestions based on the time, weather and your current location. It can also perform basic functions like opening an app, accepting and rejecting calls, put your phone in silent and many such things.

The HTC Sense Companion comes with a system update once you buy the phone and it is also designed to integrate with many third party apps and websites over the time to automatically provide you useful information when and where you need it.


Similar to the LG V20, the HTC U ULTRA have made use of the 5.7 inches Phablet sized screen well enough that you never need to turn on your entire phone’s display to view any useful information or access your favorite apps or contacts. You can just tap over the secondary display which is of 2.05 inches and save your battery. You can also view messages and other kinds of notifications here, making it a much simpler task than to actually pick up your phone and unlock it.


With all those amazing features lined up, one must think that this phone must have at least one annoying thing. Yes, you are right, HTC is a yet another phone to add itself into the category of smartphones with no headphone JACK. But still, with its Ultrasonic sound and 3D audio, it must not be a huge disappointment to the audiophiles.


The HTC U ULTRA must be a tough competitor to the Pixel in terms of the Camera performance with a score of 88 in DxOMark it must be no joke. And also it has the OIS that the Pixel lacked placing the HTC U ULTRA a little above the Pixel. But even without it, the camera is still decent with the 12MP and the 16MP shooters along with added features like 4K recording and Auto HDR.


The Unlocked variant of the HTC ULTRA is priced at 749$ and it comes in many color variants like the Sapphire Blue, Ice White, and the Brilliant Black. A cosmetic pink option is also expected to be released soon. You can check out details about other specifications like the 4GB RAM and the micro SD support at GSMARENA.

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