WhatsApp, the only social messaging platform that most people use nowadays, thanks to its simplicity and reliability, had allowed it’s users to share a maximum of only 10 images at the same time for many years.

But with the beta update around the corner, users can now send up to 30 images at the same time to their friends or to the WhatsApp groups.

This seems to be a huge and a very useful update since it was very tiring and time consuming for people who wants to share a lot of photos at the same time.

With the new feature gradually rolling out to everyone, you may no longer need to constantly open your gallery and select the images nor have to restrict yourself by sending few images than you actually want to due to the limit.

WhatsApp has also added a handy icon near the caption space while you are sharing an image to make it easy for a quick share.

This update is currently rolling out to the beta users and the version number is 2.17.21.

You can sign-up to the WhatsApp beta program if you want immediate access to the feature or simply wait for the update roll out to the majority within the next few days.

Also, check out last week’s beta update which added the ability to send GIFs from the keyboard and let me know in the comments if you have got the update yet!

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