With the launch of the Google’s latest flagship, the Pixel, last October, there was nothing much to get excited about except the highest rated smartphone camera ever and the Artificial intelligence induced assistant from Google. With the flagships from other tech giants like Samsung and LG, we have to say that the Google Assistant was pretty much the only thing to get excited about the Pixel.

The main reasons were the exclusivity of the assistant only to the pixel devices and how it was able to contextually reply to all of your questions, stupid or meaningful by making the most use out of your butt-load of data available with Google. So it is no surprise that people were excited to get their hands on the Pixel and experience what the assistant had in store for them.

But it is time that the Google Assistant is no more exclusive to the Pixel Devices because the upcoming flagship from LG, the LG G6 has announced that it will now feature the Google Assistant, the one thing that was actually interesting about the Pixel phones thus stealing the thunder from Google. 

If the rumors at CNET were actually true, you could expect the LG G6 to answer your questions using the artificially intelligent assistant, after its launch this february.

This means that the LG G6 gets the privilege to be the first non Google Android Smartphone to feature the Google Assistant, surprisingly outnumbering other top brands in the industry including Samsung, which was supposedly all set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S8, with its own personalized assistant, Bixby.

The LG G6 may also include Amazon’s Alexa in its new flagship, proving that Alexa is indeed a tough competition to the Google Assistant in the artificial intelligence niche. With this announcement we can be confident that the future of AI in smartphones is as bright as the sun and with android devices being much cheaper than the iPhone, Siri maybe outperformed by the Google Assistant and the Amazon Assistant Alexa to be the most used personal assistants in smartphones.

Rumor also has it that LG may even introduce its artificial intelligent smartwathces the next month, making it the first android wear product with this feature.

Gone are the days that people with the Pixel phones can only enjoy the artificially intelligent assistant and they no longer have to buy a pixel just because it has a feature that no other android smartphone has. Let’s wait till next month to see the launch of LG G6 and find out what LG has in store for the android enthusiats and the artificial intelligent lovers.

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