We all know that the largest app market is obviously the Google Play Store. With an enormous collection of apps and games, it has always been a tough and a time spending task to find the right app or the game of your liking. In Fact, this website was started with the aim to place the right apps in the limelight to make sure that the users only use the app they deserve.

The play store was constantly making sure that it was easy for the users to find the right app or game for their need by implementing several useful features over the time like the public rating, flagging apps that contains ads, allowing users to write their reviews about the apps and much more.

But most of us do not have the patience to sit down and read the thousands of reviews given by the users and decide what app to use or what game to play. You may argue that we could simply download the app or game with the highest rating.

But the rating of the app or game does not always seem to be reliable, they may have been given by paid users or even some apps like clean master or any other battery saving apps may have got a high rating just because some of them found it to be useful but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you might find it useful too.

The situation is entirely different with games because some people may have actually loved the game but they may have not been very comfortable with the controls. In some cases, people may have loved both the gameplay and the controls but they may have thought that the graphics were not so good. In this kind of scenarios, people tend to give a low rating to the game even though some aspects of the game were actually good.

To solve this ambiguity and to make the users truly realise how the game is and to give a clear picture of the game the user is about to download, Google Play Store has introduced a new feature to its app market yet again. And trust me, this time it is very useful and helps you save gigabytes of your data by preventing you from downloading a game which you may not like.

The feature is coming to public access in the play store version 7.0.37 and what it has for the users is a complicated machine learning strategy. But don’t worry I’m going to explain it to you now in simple non-technical words.

So basically what the new feature does is that it reads all of the reviews that are given by the users for a game and then analyses and searches for individual keywords like graphics, gameplay and controls in those reviews and then uses this data to categorise the review based on the individual keywords.

This means that if it finds 10 reviews saying that the gameplay was good with a rating of 5, it then assigns the rating to the keyword ‘gameplay’. If 5 reviews were found mentioning the controls were poor with an average rating of 3 then it will assign that rating to the keyword ‘controls’.

By this process, you can now find the ratings for individual aspects of a game like it’s graphics and gameplay making it much easier for you to decide whether to download the game or not.

Currently, this feature is rolling out to several users and if you have not yet got this, keep checking your play store it may arrive at any time.

There is also another feature in the development which basically displays the most important features of an app right below the rating of the app based on the user reviews.

You can make use of this feature to know whether the feature you are expecting is actually present in the app before downloading, thus saving large amounts of your data and time.

For example, let’s assume that you are about to download a music player app and you are so adamant that you definitely need an equaliser. But unfortunately, you find out that the app you downloaded does not come with an equaliser. So you uninstall the app only after wasting your time.

But you don’t have to worry about this kind of situations anymore with the introduction of this new update, for you will know all about the important features of the app, not from the bragging of the developer but right from the users who have actually downloaded and used the app before you.

So, don’t forget to rate and review your favourite games and apps in the play store and make sure that your review is specific enough to help the million other users of our beloved Android community.

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