One of the best smartphones from last year, the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled as soon as it was released due to tens of thousands of the Note 7 devices exploding worldwide.It was a shame to see the downfall of the device because everyone thought that it was going to be the device of the year, given its top-notch performance and the fact that it was the first flagship phablet to come with an Iris scanner.

But unfortunately, Samsung recalled most of the Galaxy Note 7 devices concerning the safety of its users. Even though some loyal Samsung users refused to give back their devices, it was gradually settled down and the devices were recalled and some of them were even paid refund or given some kind of offer on other products of Samsung.

As saddening was that to be, it was still a mystery to many people what caused the Note 7 devices to catch fire. Some suggested that it was due to pure build, some thought that it was the battery and most of them even without knowing the reason behind it started trolling Samsung for its failure. Samsung promised its users that it will soon identify what caused the issue and it will replace their beloved device.

After a few days, Samsung re-released some of the Note 7 devices claiming that the explosion issue was solved and these devices were made to stand out by turning the colour of the battery indicator to green. But alas, Samsung was not shown mercy by the creator(not the creator of the Note 7 devices btw) and those replaced devices still faced the same problem and Samsung was forced to recall all of its devices once again.

It has been a few months since then and no one knew what really caused the Note 7 devices to explode until recently it was revealed by the Samsung officials. They revealed that after thousands of exhaustive tests of various Note 7 devices they thought that neither the hardware nor the software was the cause of this issue. But they added on that, it was indeed the lithium-ion batteries that caused the Note 7 to explode. 

The officials reasoned that the battery casing was too small in the initially released devices that caused it to short-circuit and ignite. Which is understandable because of the enormous 3500Mah battery that came with the Phablet. But they replaced it with different manufacturing parts and released the devices again but unfortunately, those Note 7 devices had the same problem.

Koh Dong-jin, the head of the Samsung Smartphone’s mobile business apologised its customers for the discomfort caused and assured that there will no such issues with the upcoming devices of Samsung, including the Samsung Galaxy S8.

So, let us all wait till the official launch of the next flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 , which is expected to be launched around mid april or may this year and sincerely hope that it doesn’t face any issues like the Note 7.

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