The beauty of the Android operating system is that it has millions of apps that serve the purpose of almost everything that you need to do in your day to day life. Be it controlling your computer from your phone, Using your smartphone as a remote viewer to your PC, listening to music using your favorite apps or even to protect your eyes with your smartphone, apps does everything.

But the problem with us, Android users is that sometimes we get way too excited and tend to install way too many apps that we can no longer keep count or know which app uses our data or which one occupies our precious storage space or makes our beloved phone stutter.

Some people may suggest to go through the settings and then find the details of every single app you installed and manage them. But no one has got time for that tedious task, and it may sometimes be confusing, and it is a very slow process.

But what if you automatically get all the essential details about an app like the data it has used from your WiFi till date, the amount of storage space it has occupied on your phone, all of the permissions, and the amount of RAM the app is consuming. 
And how awesome it will be to get all these information right in your notification panel without having to fiddle with your settings?

These are the things that the app, AppInfo Mini does for you and it does not need any kind of unessential permissions, nor it requires root to work.

Once you install the app from the play store, nearly all of your job is done because the app will start doing its work right after you finish installing it. The only little thing you have to do is to provide the usage access permission for the app to work and analyze the current app you are using and display the relevant information in the notification panel.

After giving the usage access permission, you can now proceed to use your phone. Once you open any app you can now see all of the relevant details about the app you are now using like its data usage, an amount of space and RAM it has occupied and all of the permission it needs.

You can also click the settings icon on the notification to enter the settings of the app and then control it directly.

Even when you are not using any app, the app will continue to display notification of useful information to you like your overall data usage for the month, Your current RAM usage, storage and battery information and even the uptime and sleep time of your smartphone.

Feel free to comment below if you have any queries regarding the setup or the usage and don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you found it useful!

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