Google Fiber

Google Fiber, the 1 Giga Bytes Per Second Internet service from Google is currently one of the fastest services around with low prices. With a speed that high you can download a massive amount of data within a matter of seconds. But Unfortunately, Google Fiber is currently available only to select cities which do not even add up to a dozen.

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Luckily Google is continually expanding its territory, and the latest good news is that people from in and around North Hills, Midtown area of Raleigh can experience the blazing fast service from Google Fiber Starting This February.
According to the official blog of Google Fiber, Google is reportedly making signups for the residents in and near North Carolina and is also opening a brand new Raleigh Fiber Space, in  518 West Jones building in Glenwood South. You can visit the Fiber space and can witness the superfast Fiber network of Google for yourself.

Google is also working along with Gigabit communities to provide free service of the blazing fast Fiber net to select residents with low income. As far as the Raleigh residents are concerned, they are allowed to choose from a list of cheap plans provided by Google to witness the wonders of the Google Fiber.

Currently, the 100 and the 1000 megabytes per second plans costs 50$ and 70$ per month for the residents around Raleigh, and it will be an extra amount of 90$ if they prefer to install the Fiber TV along with the Fiber net connection.

People who are involved in small-time businesses can check the official Google Fiber website for business offerings from Google, and you can also check whether your apartment or locality is eligible for the Google Fiber using the apartment finder over there.

Residents near Raleigh currently do not have any luck as Google is now accepting signups only from residents living in Raleigh. But you can make sure that Google Fiber comes near a location by checking out the future and potential sites listed at the Google Fiber website.

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