Whatsapp has yet again added a set of new smileys to its social messaging app, and this time they are actually useful and allows you to express yourself more than ever. With the addition of new smileys to the messaging app consistently, you can anticipate the arrival of sticker like messages to Whatsapp that are already in use in the Messenger app of Facebook, who also owns Whatsapp.

Send 30 instead of 10 images in Whatsapp 

You can now send GIF from the keyboard in Whatsapp

The beta update of 2.17.44 brings in with it a collection of brand new smileys along with some old revamped ones. More details and colors are added to the existing smileys making them extra pleasing and compelling to use. 

There a variety of smileys that are useful and some of them can also be used to mock your friends more, like the revamped middle finger smiley, the two hand punch smileys and more. Whatsapp has also concentrated on the religious side and has added a new set of church and mosque smileys to its collection.

Many new hand signs, birds, dancers, cowboys, doctors and engineer smileys can also be found in the new update if you look closely. The colors of some of the old smileys like the Sun, the heart symbols and also some of the food smileys are also polished more. 

You can also find new holiday specific smileys like Santa Claus for Christmas, both male and female showing that WhatsApp is against gender discrimination and also a lantern and turkey for other celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

You should be able to use these smileys and send them to your contacts once you are updated to the latest beta version as mentioned above. You can also download the update from the official Whatsapp website if you don’t have the patience to get your hands on these brand new smileys from Whatsapp.

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