Ever since the sweetest release of the latest version of the Android Operating System, Android Nougat, also known as 7.0, people were eagerly anticipating for it to arrive in their phones. But as we all know, only Google devices get their hands on the latest releases of Android first, and phones from other manufacturers may have to wait some time to update their devices to the latest build of Android.

This delay was due to several reasons like the manufacturers have to modify the version of Android to support their devices, optimize and test it to work correctly on their phones before they begin to roll out to its users. But despite all these hurdles, one device Manufacturer always seem to be quicker than other, Motorola, now owned by Lenovo.

As you have guessed Motorola has already rolled out Nougat even to its budget models The Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus, and the latest device to enjoy this glory is the Moto Z Play, awarded the smartphone with the best battery ever last year and the cheapest smartphone to support Moto Mods.

With the Nougat update rolling out to the Moto Z play and several other Android devices off late, I felt that people should know what they are getting with it and how their experience with their smartphone has been improved. So below are some of the new features and improvements you are going to get with the latest update to the Android Nougat, Google’s sweetest release yet.

Split Screen Mode:

This feature was available for a long time in smartphones of other manufacturers like Samsung and LG for a long time and was also found widely in marshmallow builds of several custom ROMs.

Still, it is an exciting and at the same time the most useful feature in the latest build of Android Nougat.

With the split screen mode, which can be accessed by tapping on your recent app button and then long pressing an app from the menu and then dragging it to the top of your screen.
You can seamlessly work between two apps at the same time.

This makes multi-tasking a breeze making you to both works and play at the same time like, watching a video on YouTube and typing a mail at the same time or use Facebook while adding appointments to your calendar and many such tasks.

Motorola users can also add a shortcut for the split screen mode in the System UI tuner from the settings and enable a swiping up gesture from the recent apps button to activate the split screen mode instantly without having to long press.

The overview of the apps present on the recent apps menu has also been scaled up so that you can view a slightly larger version of the app and providing you with more details.

You can also switch between the recent apps by just double tapping on the recent apps button which takes you to the previous app you have been using. 
This is easier than tapping the overview button and then tapping again on the app which you want to switch. 
Even if you don’t have Nougat currently you can make use of this feature by downloading this app.

Performance improvements with JIT compiler:

The latest version of Android, Nougat, comes with a modified compiler known as the Just In Tine(JIT) Compiler, which as its name suggests makes every task quicker and more snappier than ever before. 
This means that your app installation and update times are now much faster and even the amount of storage space consumed by these apps are reduced to a greater extent.

For instance, if an app took 30 seconds to install on the previous versions of Android, with Nougat it may take only 10 seconds and the storage space occupied by this app is also considerably reduced. Even the regular security patches and system updates also take much less time than before.

Also with the addition of the Vulcan API, you can expect to see an improvement in the 3D graphics and the performance of the games you play with sharper graphics and clearer details making your gaming experience much more realistic.

Battery and data improvements:

Even though your phone has a battery capacity of 5000mah, battery life has always been a major concern when it comes to Android phones. Both the phone manufacturers and the Software developers are continuously working hard to put an end to this issue, and on that list, Android Nougat comes with a feature named Doze on the go which is expected to drastically increase the battery life of your smartphone.

With Doze on the go, your phone conserves battery when you are not using it, which means that immediately after you put your phone in your pocket or on the desk, it enters the doze mode.

It then starts conserving your battery by limiting the number of apps running in the background and reducing the activities and unnecessary services that are running.

Therefore you can witness a vast improvement in your battery life since your phone is always conserving it for you even when you are on the go.

You can also make use of the new data saver option to limit the number of background and the synching process of apps and conserve your limited data thus saving your battery in the process. You can access the data saver from the data usage menu in your settings.

Notification improvements:

The new bundled notifications, you can now access notifications from several individual apps with less confusion and clutter. This means that instead of displaying separate notifications from the same app, Nougat will now bundle the notifications from the same app together so that you can access them all at the same place.

The quick reply feature allows you to instantly reply from the notification menu for supported apps and you can also setup various priority controls now by long pressing on a notification from an app and then selecting the level of priority you desire.

Settings Improvements:

With the Nougat update, both the quick settings menu and the main settings app have been revamped a lot making the usability and accessibility much better. 

You can now access some of your essential functions like WiFI and Bluetooth toggles just by a single swipe in the menu without having to pull it down all over.

The quick menu can contain up to five toggles, and you can also add or rearrange the toggles from the menu by clicking on the edit option and choosing the function you need.

The settings menu has also been improved a lot to show you suggestions based on your usages like suggesting you change your wallpaper, put the your phone in silence and much more. 

It also indicates the state of the settings and other vital information right in the main menu so that you don’t have to open every setting to view the details.

You can also access a hamburger menu from the left from any page in the settings menu to quickly jump between various options without having to come back to the main settings page every time.

A clear all button is also added now in the recent apps menu allowing you to clear all open apps in a single click without having to swipe through them individually.

Other notable  features:

Android Nougat has also brought with it several minute changes which though not visible to you are of a great use behind the screen. These include seamless software updates without interrupting with your work, enhanced encryption to your files, and also allowing you to scale the size of your screen by changing the value of your DPI.

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