Whatsapp celebrates its 8th anniversary this year and as a token of appreciation to its billions of loyal users, it introduces a new feature yet again this week. This feature is a rip-off of an another popular social networking app, Snapchat and is already available on other platforms like hike, Instagram etc.

But the already existing user base of over a billion and an app which takes less space and consumes less battery than its rival Snapchat makes this feature much more meaningful in Whatsapp than Snapchat.
Starting today you can now post status updates on your Whatsapp account which evidently disappears after 24 hours. 

This new feature replaces the old traditional text status updates which stay forever and this is much better than the previous one.

With this update, all kinds of files such as video, photo, GIF, stickers, handwriting and much more could be posted as your status update and as all of these disappear after a day you can post whatever you wish!

While there are no limitations for images and GIFs, you can only post videos of a maximum time of 45 seconds and you can also add captions to your statuses and the interface is similar to the one which appears when you send files in your traditional chat menu.

Whatsapp also allows you to modify the privacy settings of your status now. Which means that you can restrict your status from appearing only to specific contacts now, like your ex or your mom when you are posting status updates about your party!

Additionally, you can also choose to share your status only to a particular group of people or an individual and you can also view statuses of other people like they view others. Other updates include viewing who has seen your status, replying and sharing to other people and there is also a new persistent icon at the bottom of your home screen now.
The whole interface has also been revamped as you can see, by moving the calls menu toward the right and adding a status menu at the center and swipe to add status towards the left.

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