Whatsapp has now released a beta update which brings a visual change after the much-opposed status update last week. The update from Whatsapp this week has replaced the position of the attach button that is used for sharing your files like images, video, audio to your friends from the chat window from the top of the screen to the bottom.
It must be noted that the position of the attach button was at the top for forever and its position has been changed for the first time in the history of Whatsapp.This button is now placed next to the capture icon on the type messages text box, closer to your thumb. 
This functions were similar to when it was at the top and also has all of the features. It is now easier to access and send files especially for people with larger phones or smaller hands who struggle to reach all the way up with only using one hand.
Compared to the status update last week. This update is actually useful and a good decision from the design team at Whatsapp. This change is expected to be well received among the massive user base of Whatsapp since a majority of smartphone users tend to have phones with displays larger than 5 or 5.5 inches.
This update could be found on the beta version of 2.17.91. You can either sign up for the beta program of Whatsapp from the play store, download the latest APK or wait till this update officially rolls out to the standard users. Let us know your thoughts about this minor change in the UI of Whatsapp in the comments below.

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