Android, as we all know is a mobile operating system based on open source awesomeness. This and the fact that it is the most widely used smartphone OS in the world makes it all the more interesting.
Along with the massive user base, Android also enjoys a sea of apps and games dedicated to it which makes the choices of users desperate because there are approximately a thousand apps in any category you may pick.
In fact, the open source ability and user friendliness are major reasons why the users of Android struggle a lot when it comes to the choice of apps which are ideal for them. This is also one of the main reasons for starting this website, to guide the users through this tedious process by throwing light on an overlooked gem of apps.
Well, it is entirely a different story when it comes down to how to customize your phone’s screen. Because there are literally thousands of Android launcher and wallpaper apps out there in the play store and some of them even offering built-in theming functionality, it is no wonder there is a prolonged confusion that exists among the users to customize their home screen.
The most important and the most viewed part of our phone is our home screen, and it is highly important that it looks good and at the same time provides useful information at the right time like weather and news. Some of us may like a minimal setup while others prefer to load their home screen with all those apps on their phone.
But we are missing out on the fact that one of the best features of Android is its ability to customize almost every aspect of the phone right from the wallpapers to the icon packs, widgets, animations and even changing the entire look by installing a custom ROM.
But the problem is there are way too many apps to choose from, and users have got way less time to pour out their creativity for creating a setup for their home screen. This is why Google came up with the idea of Taste test. 
Basically, it is like a quiz where you have to answer over a dozen questions about what you like and how you would like your home screen to be and based on this information, Google will now automatically analyze and then provide you with wallpaper, an icon pack, a launcher choice and even a widget.
How this works is that Google after asking you several questions like what kind of user you are, what do you most use your phone for, your experience on Android and your liking for colors, patterns and other aspects of design and then returns a proper design or a  collection of designs which you may like.
So from here on you can leave the creative part to Google and since it is much faster than you and I are it will give you a combination of thousand setups endlessly based on your input to its cute little quiz. 
Take the #myAndroid Taste Test on the Android website and make your phone your own, unique and different from every other. Feel free to share your setup below and share this with your friends and let them know how awesome the green bot is!

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