Ever wanted to get a birthday wish from a celebrities you love? How awesome would it be if Will Smith or Hugh Jackman wishes you on your birthday or sings a favourite song of yours for you?
Now with the new app in town, Bard, you can make your favourite celebrities, sports person or even the president of the Unites States say whatever you want and it is very simple. Read on to know more.
Bard Video Assembler is a video assembling app like the name suggests. Which means that it has a repository of all the popular videos in Youtube and then analyses it for most frequently used and common words.
So whenever the people in the video utters one of these words in its database, Bard will make not of it and will store it in the menu. 
So if you watch a video of Trump saying I am somewhere and a video of Justin Bieber Saying somewhere else you can actually assemble them and click on these words and voila you have now got a video of Trump saying ‘I am Gay.’
Likewise, you can combine words from numerous popular videos like Game of Thrones episodes, Taylor Swift interview and so on.
You can even mix red band trailers of famous movies together and create a cursed video for your friends.  
The app also allows you to upload a video of your own which means that you can upload a video saying your name and then assemble it with a video of Chuck Norris saying ‘A legend’ and you get a video of Chuck Norris Saying You are a legend!
Cool isn’t it?

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