What if your favourite paid app goes free on Android for a limited time? You dream is coming true as Google recently announced that it will allow the app developers with paid apps on the play store to host a sale where they can allow the users to download their paid apps for free.
This is a limited time sale and the developers could also sell their apps on the play store during this time at a discounted rate.
But how would you know when a paid app goes free among the millions of apps in the Play store?
You cannot go on a search hunt everyday looking for your favourite app and checking whether it is on a sale or not.
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So, to make things easier and to quickly download the free apps within the limited time, a developer has come forward and put together a nifty app which lets you know through notifications instantly whenever a paid app goes on a sale on the play store. 
This means that you will never miss a chance to grab your download of that app which you thought was awesome but didn’t have the money to purchase it.
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This app notifies you about all kinds of apps in the play store whether they are from a large developer of from a newbie and it also includes games.

How To Get Notified When A Paid App Goes Free

Step 1:
Download the Free App Notify app from the Google Play store.
Step 2:
Open the app, and that’s it you can now find the list of all apps in the play store that went on a free sale recently.
paid app goes free
You can also search to see whether your favorite paid app is on sale yet.
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Step 3:
You just have to wait now till the app notifies you about the next app or game that goes on a free sale.
Be sure to download the app as soon as possible after you receive the notification, because as already mentioned, the paid app goes free only for a limited amount of time.

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