Google always tries to do some great pranks on every 1st of April, the April fools day. 
I mean no one can forget the time when Google announced the development of a project called Google Nose and made millions to actually believe that it can actually detect the smell of the object you place on your screen. Also with this year’s Google Gnome, a Google home for your yard, Google succeeded yet another time in pranking its users.
But this year Google actually tried something new which is for legit and is not a joke. Wait for it. Yes, Google has introduced the all time classic game, Pacman to one of its apps which has been downloaded over a billion times, that comes pre-installed on every Android phone, Google maps.
You read that right, you can now literally play the popular Pacman game, the tiny little blob chasing its enemies on your streets or wherever you choose to play. You can play Pac-Man on the streets of New York, over the Eiffel tower, on the walls of China or even near the white house.
Sounds cool right? Here’s what you have to do to play the iconic Pacman game on your streets, or anywhere in the world you wish. Just open the Google Maps app on your phone and then click on the Pacman icon towards the right. That’s it, start having fun with the Pacman!
Comment below if you are not getting the game or don’t know what to do and share this with your friends and let them join in this awesomeness!

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