Google has recently launched an AI based drawing tool, which though on the first impression appears like traditional drawing tools like Microsoft Paint, is actually has much more than it to offer you.

AutoDraw is a part of Google’s AI Experiments and justifying its tagline. “Fast drawing for everyone” turns all your scribbles and clumsy artworks into a real piece of doodle arts using the state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies.

It comes with a huge repository of drawings and sketches from famous artists and designers from around the globe and then uses it to precisely match the piece of work done by the users on its Auto Draw platform using the Auto Draw brush. 

So, basically if you want to draw a bird, just draw two wings like structures, then AutoDraw will automatically detect and recognize it as a bird and will suggest a variety of artworks and doodles similar to it. You can pick the one that you think best matches your needs.

You can see here how I drew an ugly bird like drawing and how Autodraw Intelligently suggests me similar but highly enhanced bird sketches and drawings. You could just select the one you want from the list of suggestions and just like traditional paint software and drawing tools you can also color it, add a text or a shape and do much more. 

Once you finish adding all the things you want and feel that your design has reached its final state you can either download or share it directly with your friends to flaunt your piece of art.
AutoDraw by Google is now completely free for access for everyone and it is accessible across all devices like your PC, Smartphones and your Tablets. You can also opt in for the drawing program and contribute your piece of work to AutoDraw of you are an artist, designer or even simply good at drawing things from your imagination.
From here on, you don’t have to worry about designing a quick and awesome poster for an event or a party, put together a few doodles for your logo and pretty much anything. Because with AI involved everything is quick and extremely appealing than the so called car which is actually a box and two circles below.

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