Last month we had written a post about how Facebook is planning to insert ads to popular videos in its platform and how it will be a benefit and an encouragement for video creators while general users may find it annoying. This month Facebook has already implemented it and it seems like most users are seeing ads while they are watching a video.
Well to sum it up it is somewhat like a TV commercial which plays while you are watching a video and unlike ads in YouTube these ads do not appear during the start of the videos rather the user gets to choose at what time during the video to display the ad.
The most annoying thing about these ads is that they may appear at an interesting part of a video and what is even more irritating is that you cannot skip these ads. Facebook says that these ad breaks may be up to 20 seconds based on the video producers choice and those pages or people with at least 2000 or more followers can only insert ads to their videos.
The users can also insert ads to their existing popular videos and start sharing it again to earn some money. Currently the ad appears after displaying a warning like “Ad starting soon” and then displays an ad which may play from 5-20 seconds based on the length of the video. Users with limited amount of data may get annoyed with this but apparently there is nothing you can do about it.


Immediately after a warning message a random ad will be played following a tag line reading “video will continue after ad“. There is no other go than to sit and watch the ad after which you can continue to enjoy the cat video or some live video of a popular actor or a Facebook page. 
All things aside, Facebook is really getting greedy and trying to make an enormous load of money using its massive user base and though it may be a good news for people producing videos, the end users are undoubtedly affected from the plethora of ads targeting them.

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