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Google announced a few months back that they are bringing instant apps to their Android operating system. Instant apps are a nifty little feature where you click on a shared or a posted link online, and then a small snippet of code that is required for the functioning of the app gets downloaded allowing you to use the significant part of the app without even installing it on your phone.
As we already said in our previous post, Instant apps have a lot of benefits like saving your precious storage, using apps with large sizes without even downloading them, especially useful in situations where you need to use an app quickly, but you don’t have sufficient data or speed to do that. You can read more about the advantages and working of Instant apps here.
However, as remarkable as the instant apps may sound, Google seems to take its own time in rolling them out to the extensive public user base. So, as it always happens an impatient and an enthusiastic developer, this time from India has taken the liberty to bring the instant apps version of popular favorite Android apps to his fellow Android enthusiasts. 
A recent startup which goes by the name AppBrowzer have released and Android app of the same name which allows the users to use popular Android apps as instant apps, without having to install or download them to your phone.
Unlike Google, which is planning on developing instant apps only for big developers who are enrolling in the program, AppBrowzer has developed instant apps for widely popular Android apps in every category. 


Some of them include Uber, Amazon, IMDB, Quora, Paytm, CNN and many more apps out there, All you have to do is to install a single app, AppBrowzer on your phone and then voila, you can now use multiple resource-hungry and storage consuming apps without having to spend a byte of your storage.
All you have to do is to choose your  favorite app or an app you want to use only for a single time, like booking an Uber or using Amazon to enjoy the app only offers but you are too reluctant to download those apps just for a single time usage.

AppBrowzer then loads the app you have selected and sure enough it provides the same experience you get when you actually download and install the app from the Google Play store, except for this time it is much quicker and less space consuming, not to mention saving hundreds of megabytes of your precious limited data.
Feel free to comment on your experience with AppBrowzer and post suggestions or requests below if any! You can also visit the website of the developer for more information!

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