Judy Malware is the new successor to Wannacry Ransom ware, which has affected millions of devices and several top corporate companies like Zomato, Apple and Microsoft. Unlike Wannacry, Judy has only targeted the android smart phone devices and her aim is also similar to Wannacry., to earn money.
What is it?
Judy is an animated chef character created by a Korean firm, which also created several such characters over a collection of 41 apps for android and have somehow managed to bypass the security protocols of tech giant Google and have successfully published all of the 41 apps to the Google Play Store with much ease, available for the billions of android users across the world to download. 
The apps under the name ENISTUDIO  corp, when downloaded affects your device through an adware and then uses fraudulent auto clicks to click on a large volume of ads to generate money for the masterminds behind it.
Who are affected?
As announced by Checkpoint, a popular security firm, The Judy Malware has currently affected over 36 million android devices though the potential reach is unknown. 
Checkpoint immediately announced it to Google, which in turn updated their security protocols and privacy policies to prevent such activiites in the future and have also removed all of the 41 apps from ENISTUDIO  from the Google Play Store immediately. 
The malware was largely targeted on android devices mainly because it is the operating system with the largest user base in the world and due to its open source nature.
How to Know You Are Affected Or Not?
If your phone’s battery suddenly started to drain so fast or if your battery usage statistics is wierd and shows some specific app have used most of your system resources then you may have been affected by the Judy malware or you need to change your 5 year old phone. 
You could also check for the list of Judy malware infected apps from Checkpoints blog to make sure you don’t have any of them downloaded or installed on your phone.
What Should I Do?
The first you should do if you are affected by the malware is to immediately remove and uninstall all of the apps that are causing the issue.
Next, download a reputed anti virus app from the Google Play Store and then scan your device for any affected files or apps.
If any of this doen’t work, you have no other choice than to factory reset your phone to save it.
For precautionary measures, be sure to check the privacy policies, permissions of the app, the manufacturer details before you download any app and also be sure not to use your phone in public or free WiFi to ensure safety.
Be safe, Because Judy is in town and she makes you Wannacry!


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