WhatsApp has introduced a slew of new features to the latest version of the app for both iOS and Android. Most of the features have to do with the photos and camera features within the app. The new features can be found in the 2.17.219 and 2.17.30 versions of the app for Android and iOS respectively.
Here are the new features:

Quicker Replies : 

Swipe to reply
Reply to a message by swiping right on it.
With this iOS version of the app, you can now reply to a message by just swiping right on that message. This is a lot quicker when compared to the previous versions of the app where one had to long press the message to reply to it.

Photo Albums : 

Photos are now grouped in WhatsApp
This iOS only feature groups multiple photos sent together into a single album. This features saves valuable real estate on the screen and lets people see more on the screen. 
Photo Album is shown on clicking the image group.
On tapping the album, a new Album view is opened where the images are displayed in a facebook styled linear fashion.

Image Filters : 

Filters can now be added to images!
WhatsApp for iOS now lets people add filters to images before sending them! Filters can be added by swiping up from the ‘Swipe up for filters’ text after selecting the image to be sent. Only five filters,  Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome and Film are available currently.

Easier Gallery Access : 

In the android version of the app, the entire photo gallery can now be accessed by swiping up on the horizontal image list! This provides an easy, gesture based method to access the entire photo gallery of the phone!

Multiple Statuses in One Go : 

Again an Android Exclusive(for now), WhatsApp now allows users to upload multiple image statuses in one go. This can be done by opening the gallery(Feature 4) and selecting multiple images just like sending multiple images to a contact.
With the recent update, WhatsApp seems to be making a shift from click-based interaction to a more natural gesture-based interaction model! All these features can be obtained by updating to the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS(2.17.30) and the latest Beta for Android(2.17.219). 

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