Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and the facts that it has billions of active users and around 2 billion people may join Facebook by the year 2018 are well known.
Facebook has been making a lot of changes to its platform lately, with the latest video ads, a separate tab for your videos and then the most popular reactions for comments.
While most of these new features were added for increasing the revenue share of Facebook, some of them were actually useful for the users.
Just when we think about Facebook as a good and a useful platform for connecting with our friends and family, Facebook goes downhill once again by filing a patent which apparently gives Facebook the permission and the required technology for the company to record and analyse your views and reactions while you are watching different types of contents like photos or videos using your Computer or your smartphone.
With billions of active users using Facebook frequently, this patent comes out as a major privacy issue to all of its users.
Even though Facebook claims that it will use this technology only for studying the emotions and reactions of its users, it still is scary even to imagine Facebook penetrating through our everyday life via our smartphone or PC cameras.

What is the issue?

According to the patent, Facebook uses an algorithm to study your emotions, so if you smile while you are watching a video on your news feed, Facebook will now record this reaction and then use it to show you similar videos you might enjoy watching.
The same technique will be used for hiding videos in your news feed which you did not enjoy watching.
Facebook could also use this to target ads based on your reactions, for example, if your emotions were happy while you were watching an ad about Uber, then Facebook will start to send more Uber ads your way.
Even though a Facebook spokesperson said that they may not even implement this technology and this is just for research purposes, it is still hard to digest how hard technology can invade your personal lives and with a humongous network like Facebook, the problem is only going to be much more severe. Mark Zuckerberg is watching you.


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