Android is a constantly evolving operating system and with the multi-window feature in Android Nougat and the floating apps option in Android O, Google has definitely taken multi-tasking abilities to a whole new level. 
But alas, Unlike iPhone, Android is rather slow in sending out these updates to its users and according to statistics only a very few people actually have access to Android Nougat.
So what if people who don’t have Android Nougat in their phone and apparently they are in large number, wants to watch a Youtube video while they are texting someone or using Facebook? 
Obviously, they can’t, because for some reason Youtube has not made the background playback feature available even though it is 2017 and there are cars without drivers on the road.
So, a clever and an ambitious Android developer thought of a way to make this happen and he developed an Android app, using which you can not only watch floating Youtube videos but can also listen to songs from various music services like Sound Cloud, sync your playlists from different cloud channels and much more and did I mention you don’t need Android Nougat for this app to work?
Hytag Inc, have developed a music player app called Autobeat player for Android which has all the above-mentioned functionalities. 

What is in store : 

The music app, though has a similar interface like traditional music player apps of android, works entirely different from those and has a lot of unique features that separates it from the lot.
The most interesting feature in this app is that, once you start playing a song, be it from your local memory or from online, there will be a little video icon towards the name of the song and once you click on it, the app will instantly play the video for the song using metasearch technology and I have to say that, it is extremely quick and accurate.
 Autobeat Player (Unreleased)- screenshot
You can then leave the app and the video will continue to play in the background despite the app you are currently using. 
You can pause the video or close it anytime you want and you can even change the song from your notification bar and the video will change accordingly without any further actions.
The app also recommends you artists based on the songs you rate or listen to and there are also plenty of customization options available. 
Keep in mind that, this app is currently in the development stage and is not released yet, so you may face some issues while using the app. If you face any problem, just force close the app and then restart it.
Let us know your comments on this awesome app below and don’t forget to share this with your friends who have not received the Android Nougat update yet!

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