Cortana, as we all know is a personal assistant created by Microsoft exclusively for Windows 10 computers and phones. 
Recently Microsoft has also made Cortana available as an early access app at the Google Play store. You can download the app before it releases for the General public to test and see how it works and the features it offers.
Even though Android has a fairly good personal assistant named the Google assistant and it is already integrated by default in all Android smartphones running Android marshmallow and above, Cortana does seem to be useful and does few things which apparently the Google assistant doesn’t.
Also, since majority of the Android users might have a Windows PC instead of a Macbook or a Chromebook, and since Microsoft have revealed that almost half of the world now uses the latest version of Windows, the Windows 10 which comes with Cortana by default, we can safely assume that Cortana could prove to be more useful in certain aspects than the Google Assistant. 
Especially considering the fact that it is available on both Android smartphones and Windows computers.
So we have put together a list of 3 reasons which might make you think about using Cortana as your secondary personal assistant, if not the primary.

Lock screen integration:

One of the first features and the option that pops up right after you install the Cortana app from the play store is the lock screen integration of Cortana.
Since Android lock screen widgets are long gone with Kitkat, Cortana integrates completely with your lock screen as an additional screen instead of a small widget. 
You can access it by swiping left or right from your lock screen by using the circle on the bottom of your screen.
Similar to Google now cards, Cortana’s lock screen integration also shows you your daily reminders, your upcoming events, news articles according to your interest and of course the weather.
So, if you are frustrated because of constantly unlocking your phone just to check your daily activities or the news, then Cortana might be useful for you since all these information are now available right on your lock screen.

Calendar synchronization:

Some people might have different emails for different purposes like a separate email for work and another one for personal purpose and some might even use a different mail to sign in to their computer and their smartphone.
If you are one among them and uses two different emails for your phone and your smartphone, you might have faced the struggle of synchronizing your emails and events. 
For example, some of your meetings may be synced on your computer’s mail or your colleagues birthday might have been set-up on the work calendar and it might not show on your phone, and you may end up forgetting these important occasions.
With Cortana on your phone, all you have to do is to sign in using the same mail id you use for your Windows PC and then Cortana would now sync all the events and birthdays from your PC’s calendar.
It would also send you reminders on those days so that you never miss anything important.

Notifications across devices:

Notifications may become a real pain to handle, especially if you are someone who receives a lot of emails, Facebook notifications, WhatsApp messages and reminders throughout the day. 
Your phone would end up being a mess and will get flooded with notifications if you forget to check them every few minutes.
Of course, you could clear them and retrieve them from the notification log, but what if they are something you immediately have to notice and respond to? 
Like a missed call from your boss, a WhatsApp message from your client or a comment on your Facebook page?
You cannot constantly juggle between apps and websites across your phone and your computer to check and respond to all these notifications. 
So what if you get all of your phone’s notifications right on your computer and you can also reply to those from your PC?
Sounds cool right? Yes, I know there are apps like push bullet which already does this kind of things but they are all either paid apps or come with in-app purchases. 
With Cortana, you don’t have to pay nor you have to make any in-app purchases.
All you have to do is to install the app on your phone, head over to the settings and then select the sync notifications option from the menu.
You can choose what kind of notification you want and also deselect certain apps from which you don’t want to receive any notifications.
Cortana will now send all the notifications you receive on your phone to your PC and you can even reply to notifications that support it directly from your PC!
Note that, this will work only if you are on the creator’s update of Windows 10. 
So make sure to check your OS version before you try this one.
Hope these reasons are convincing enough for you to try the Cortana personal assistant from Microsoft. 
Share this with your friends and let them know about the awesome things Cortana does and feel free to comment below if you have any doubts or queries!

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