Best messaging apps for Android 2019

Apple iPhone is one of the most used smartphones in the world and has millions of apps in the app store which sometimes makes it overwhelming to choose the right one!


While you can find the best online casino games in the app store easily it is difficult when it comes to messaging apps.


Because statistics say that people around the world use their mobile phone mainly for chatting and messaging and since it is very important to choose a perfect app to serve you your purpose, we have gone through the process of finding the right one so you don’t have to go through the struggle!


Best messaging apps for Android 2019



Signal is the messaging app you should go for when privacy and security are your primary concerns. It is ideal for people who have a lot of confidential conversations over their phones using text messages like business dealings or official talks.


 Signal Private Messenger- screenshot
Using Signal, you can send and receive text messages, media like photos and videos and also participate in group chats just like you do in normal messaging apps. But the only difference with Signal is that it supports military grade encryption for all the messages sent and received.


Unlike popular messaging apps, the server of signal never accesses your personal data nor reads your messages ensuring full confidentiality and privacy.



Slack is a collaboration apps mostly used by large organizations and teams formed for completion of certain tasks. Users can collaborate and discuss their ideas, share their works and even pair together using slack.

 Slack- screenshot
Slack also has awesome synchronization capabilities which means you can always continue where you left your conversation on your phone, in your PC or tablet making it easier to collaborate with your team on the go with seamless integration of your files and messages.


Slack also supports various useful tools like creating a to-do list, sending out reminders and sharing your project details with your friends. So either you are a large enterprise or a growing organization with few team members slack would be an ideal choice for your business.




Kik is one of the most popular choice among college going and university student groups, besides Facebook messenger as it serves as a perfect community for this age group with relevant information about events and happenings around them.


The best thing about the Kik messaging app is that it doesn’t require your phone number for signing up and using their service. You can just visit their web interface and then enter your name and other details and you can right away join with the community and start interacting.


Like all messaging apps out there Kik messenger also allows you to send and receive all kinds of media formats like photos, videos and gifs.



Groupme is the go to go app for those people who are involved in creating and managing several events and happenings. Using this app they can easily manage the events and send out RSVPs to the people who could possibly attend the event or the happening.
Groupme also allows you to effectively interact with the group of people attending your event by sending out invitations to the event, sharing the date and venue and you can also share the list of all people who would be attending the event with all of them in the group with ease.

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