One Plus 5, the phone the whole world was eagerly awaiting to launch successfully launched a few days back.
The whole hype was especially for the 8 GB of RAM it comes with since most computers are still running with 4 GB of RAM. 
Couple it with the latest and the fastest Snapdragon 835 Processor along with the most efficient version of Android yet, the Android Nougat 7.1.1 and anyone would expect it to be blazing fast and to make every phone in the world to cry in front of it at least when it comes down to the performance.
So, essentially all the reviewers around the world were head over heels when they finally got the Chance to meddle with the phone with the highest RAM capacity yet. 
As usual, all of them started to post videos and blog posts about how fast the One Plus 5 is, how it beats almost all flagship phones like the Pixel XL, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and even the company’s own flagship model, the One Plus 3T which evidently has 6 GB of RAM.
Obviously the One Plus 5 was way ahead both in benchmarking tests and in real world performance of all these phones until it was made to battle against the iPhone 7 which is currently the king in the Game of phones.

The Speed Test

one plus 5 vs iphone 7
Phonebuff, a popular Youtube channel tested out the One Plus 5 against the iPhone 7 in a speed test involving 2 laps.
The first laps involve in opening all of the installed apps on both phones which included light system apps like calculator, clock and resource heavy tasks like time lapsing a video, playing a video on Netflix etc.
Few games including Subway surfers and streaming apps Spotify were also launched simultaneously on both phones. 
At the end of the 1st lap, to everyone’s surprise, the One Plus 5, just like every other Android phone on the planet was brutally defeated by the iPhone 7. 
While the One Plus 5 was able to complete all these tasks in under 1 minute and 27 seconds, the iPhone was slightly ahead at 1:26 seconds, proving that there are no phones invented yet to beat the optimization of the iOS operating system and sadly Android Nougat was unable to keep up with it.
Although on the second lap were all of these apps were reopened from the recent menu, One Plus 5 was able to do this in 23 seconds while the iPhone took 8 seconds longer. 
However, this is not something to be proud of or excited about considering the fact that the iPhone has 5 GB of RAM less than that of One Plus 5 and its processor is also a year old compared to the Snapdragon 835 in the One Plus 5.
If only Google designs a phone that is much better than the Pixel with a lot of RAM and a heavily optimized version of Android OS, we can expect one Android phone to finally beat the iPhone and to reign the Game of Phones.


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