Facebook is the one app which you can say with certainty that almost everyone with a smartphone uses on a regular basis. 

Be it an Android or an iOS or even a Windows Smartphone, you cannot find one without the Facebook app these days. 

Even though sometimes the official app of the Facebook makes your phone sluggish or drains your battery a lot, you still cannot abstain yourself from using it, nor you will uninstall it. 

Particularly on Android, Facebook is one of the apps which mostly affects the performance of your phone and your battery life and with a size of almost 300 MB it also affects your storage.
But a lot of people use Facebook only to scroll their news feed and then comment on funny posts and share them with their friends. 

A very few may actually realize the full potential of the Facebook app and put it to good use. 

There are actually a lot of useful and significant features inside of the Facebook app which goes unnoticed because of the unusually long time we spend on our news feeds.

So, today I am going to write a list of 9 features you can make use of inside of the Facebook official app. 

Some of these features have the potential even to replace other apps in your phone as they provide you with the functionality of those.

Ok, Let’s dive in…

Use the Facebook app to play Games with your friends

Facebook is one of the best ways where you can interact with your buddies, mainly because almost all of them are on Facebook. 

So, basically, it is an awesome way to include your friends in the games you play and then compete with them to make it more enjoyable. 

But this is not those games where you have to download a separate app or visit a website and log in using your Facebook account to play with your friends. 

You can actually play these games from within your Facebook apps, and since they are all light and optimized games, you don’t have to worry about the speed of your internet connection or even your bandwidth getting used away after having hours of fun.


The best thing is that some of these games available inside of the app are actually classic and awesome games like the PacMan, Snake, Bingo along with over 20 other cool games. 

What all of you have to do is to just head over to the last tab of your Facebook app and scroll till you find the Apps and then select the Instant Games option from the list. 

That’s all you can now choose your favorite game and play it, and you can also invite your friends to play along with you or to compete with them.

A pretty cool way to waste more of your time inside the Facebook app, isn’t it?

Find And Connect To Free WiFi Near You

Some of us using the Facebook app or generally any app or website on our smartphone may only access to limited amount of data. 

We don’t want to waste it by just scrolling endlessly through our news feeds. Of course, it doesn’t matter if we have unlimited data at our hand, but what if we don’t? 

Should we stop browsing the internet and scrolling our news feeds? Oh, God no. 

Facebook has a solution for you, and it involves you getting access to high speed and unlimited Internet access and guess what it is entirely free!

All you have to do is to visit the Find WiFi app in the apps section and make sure you have enabled the GPS option on your phone. 

Facebook will now scan all the nearby places to your location and will display the list of all available connections in the form of a list or in a map. 

You can now select the one with the fastest connection or the one which is closest to you and can continue to scroll through your news feed. And hey while you are at that, be sure to follow our page…


Flaunt Your Language Skills

Facebook is available in a lot of regional languages, and you can use Facebook in a language most comfortable to you by switching to it from the language options in the settings menu. 

But who does all the translations for everything you find on your news feed and who changes the all those words and phrases that are present in those buttons and menus you use to interact with Facebook?

Well, of course, it is the Facebook engineers, right? Yes and no. Actually, you can yourself contribute to this hefty translation process by selecting the language you are most familiar and comfortable with and then translate the phrases and words that are given to you.

You can even select the right word which means exactly same in the original language from the list of options given to you by Facebook. 

Just head over to the apps sections said before and then select the Translate Facebook app. From there you can either choose to vote for translations or write for translation.

Check Whether It Will Rain Today Or Not

We all would like to know what kind of weather we would be experiencing at the start of our day. Be it sunny or rainy, it would be good to know beforehand so that we could plan it accordingly. 

Of course, there are a lot of weather apps out there which sends you occasional notifications of what the weather would be like, and you can even have a constant temperature icon on your status bar. 

But are these app really necessary considering you can check the Weather using an app that you already have installed on your phone? 
Yes, I am talking about the Facebook app, yes you can always use Google to check the weather but let’s be honest, you spend a lot more time on Facebook than on Google, and it would be a lot easier if you checked the weather here in the Facebook app.

Jest select the weather app from the apps section and then click on the settings icon on the top right corner. 

Here you can choose the location for which you want the weather updates for, either by typing it in manually or let Facebook automatically detect it switching on the GPS on your phone. 

You also have the option to change the weather updates to display in Celsius of Fahrenheit and to enable notifications to receive frequent updates on the weather conditions.

Know What Your Favorite Team Has Scored Today

Facebook sees a huge spike in its traffic when there is a major sports event happening in a city or anywhere in the world for that matter. 

People post all kinds of updates right from what currently is happening, their thought and sometimes even live videos and photos of the event. 

But you have lots of friends and have liked a ton of pages on Facebook which also posts other updates during your favorite team is playing and due to these updates flooding your newsfeed you may actually miss out on the updates you want.

So what can you do to know the score of your favorite team or to get all the updates posted and shared by your friends and the pages you like at a single place? 


Simple, just head over to the Sports app from you can choose the team for which you want to get the updates and Facebook will now you show all sort of updates including live scores, pages posting about it and related images and videos. 

Yea, Awesome, I know.

Find The Pages You Would Love

Let’s be honest. Facebook has a Lot of pages which sometimes makes it extremely hard to find some page which is actually good and deserves your like. 

What if you automatically get page recommendations based on the pages you have already liked and have interacted with and what if you get this inside of your Facebook app along with the list of all pages you have already liked.

This way you can actually like new pages which you find interesting and can also unlike pages which you once liked and thought it might be good, all at a single place and without leaving your Facebook app. 

Simply open the discover pages app from the menu, and then you can now like and unlike pages.

Get City Specific Guides 

Because Facebook is being used by people across the world and from different nationality and regions, it would be awesome where you can connect with people from there and get to know what kind of places are good in those cities and even find pictures and reviews for these.

Of course, you can use Google maps to do these, and I am not questioning its awesomeness in this area. But it is always nice to have additional options right? 

And with Facebook being the largest social network in the world with billions of people using it on a daily basis, you can actually interact with people when you go to some new place and wonder whether you should eat at a particular restaurant or not.

Simply open the City Guides app inside of Facebook and then select which city you want to explore or the one you are currently in and then you can find an ocean of information and reviews about every possible thing related to the city


Find Cool Places Near You

Facebook’s another attempt to take on Google Maps and also to improve the interaction with your friends further is the Nearby Places app inside of Facebook. 

You can get details about places near your location including hotels, malls, theaters and much more.
Some of these places also have user specific reviews, pictures, and even the fare details. 

So, the next time you plan to visit some new location with your friends, make sure that you check it using the Nearby places apps and impress them.

Shop Online

We all know that Facebook is using us as its product and is selling our details to businesses and large organizations. But do you know that you can actually buy and sell products on Facebook? 

Yes, there is immense marketplace running inside Facebook which could be accessed from within the app by opening the shop’s app.

Here you can find a lot of products listed by other people on Facebook, along with the images and the cost of them.  
You can choose to contact the seller through Facebook and then negotiate the deal with him, thus giving you a personalized shopping experience, You can also sell your products on Facebook and make some money out of it. 

The best part is that you can absolutely sell anything like your old watch, your old bags, your old dresses, your degree, so basically anything that is useless.
So, these are the 9 most awesome apps inside of the Facebook app which is very useful and saves you a lot of time, memory and have the potential to replace 9 additional apps you have installed on your phone that serves these functionalities. 

An Appception, if you will.

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