Season 7 of the World’s Favorite show, Game Of Thrones is going to launch in a few weeks, and everyone is waiting for that. 
But it has been a long time since the last episode of Season 6 released and some people, I mean people who are not addicted to the show may have forgotten some of the events that happened in the series, who died and who belongs in what house and the answers to so many questions.
While you can search Google to find the answers to these questions, you may risk finding spoilers to the upcoming season or even to the old ones if you have not seen them yet. 
So, one developer came with an idea of a Game Of Thrones chat bot and had implemented it in the Facebook Messenger. 


You can ask any questions, trivia or doubts to this bot and it will instantly reply to those along with a hint of a sense of humor. 
You can even ask about opinions or future events, like, “Will Cersei Lannister Die?’ or “Who is Your Favorite Character in Game Of Thrones?” and the chat bot will reply appropriately.
It also replies with images, funny GIFs and short videos based on your questions and gives you suggestions on what you can ask next based on your previous questions. 
This chat bot is like a Game Of Thrones Encyclopaedia where you can get answers to all questions about the series, and since it is funny too, you would feel like as if you are interacting with a real person, or arguing with your friend who lives and breathes Game Of Thrones.
The chatbot was created by Catch Digital and you can access it by typing GoTchatbot in you search bar or you can chat with the bot here
Start chatting with the bot and collect as many information as you can and make sure that you refresh your memory about what happened and whom, because Winter is Here!

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