If you are a true movies and TV shows enthusiast, then all you really need is Terrarium TV! Terrarium TV is an Android app which allows you to watch, stream and download FREE and 1080p HD TV Shows and movies on your Android devices.

It provides almost any TV shows and movies. Absolutely free. You can download them on your Android device or watch online.

Terrarium TV is the best app for android smartphone. One of the best thing about the app is that without sign up to subtitle you can easily enable Subtitle.

One more thing is that it has a better picture quality in contrast of other apps. The App is very simple and easy to use. because it is very user friendly so you can easily use the app.

How To Get Started With Terrarium TV

What you need in order to start streaming are two things: a media player and a source for media. Usually, the media you play will start with subtitles.

When you select a movie or a TV show, you will be first taken to a subtitles selection screen and then to your video.

However, if there are no subtitles available for your content, then you will be redirected to MX Player Android app directly.

If it’s not installed on your phone, Terrarium TV apk will prompt you to install it. Once it is set, the video will play through that player application.

We got to noticed that this app displays a collection of sources that are mostly from Google Drive or Google Video.

This gives us an extra layer of security. However, if u want to add some extra layer of protection, then you must consider using a VPN.

Some Of The Best Things That We Noticed

Terrarium TV gives you the best of the TV shows in HD for free. Now this includes the premium TV shows for which you have to pay for in Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar or in YouTube Red.

It also gives you the latest episodes of the TV shows that are currently airing now and they also come in various quality like 1080p or 720p along with a huge collection of subtitles for your preferred language.

The playback is smooth,  with high quality, and intuitive user interface. A fully functional seeking bar is offered. The interface is simple, but it gets the job done and allows you to enjoy your media.

What Can You Stream In Terrarium TV

There is a huge list of TV shows and movies you can get if you use Terrarium TV app on your Android device. Information about the show or movie is also displayed before you actually play it.

Also, the touch interface is very easy to understand and intuitive. If you are getting started in the world of media center streaming, or simply want a hassle-free approach, Terrarium TV might be a good option to consider.

The Terrarium TV App is great to start playing your media right away. This means you will be able to watch that movie you heard about at work or with your friends.

However, if you want your shows in the best quality possible, perhaps you should consider downloading your content instead of streaming it.

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