Google has introduced yet another messaging platform for Android and this time the app to enter the game is YouTube. Yes, Google has now added the feature to chat with your friends and share your favourite videos from within the app.
Youtube Messaging

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While this might sound useful at first, it is highly unlikely that most people would use this feature. I mean there are already a ton of messaging apps out there like Whatsapp, Allo and Messenger where people already share videos with their friends.

What Is New And How To Use

However, Google has made the messaging feature within YouTube really simple and smooth and you can access it from the tab below. From there, you can either click on the add icon at the bottom to pick from the videos you recently watched or just paste the link you want to share.Youtube MessagingYou can also add multiple participants to your chat to share the videos to a group of people. The best thing is you can directly watch the videos right from the chat window without having to switch to a new page.

Youtube Messaging

This video sharing feature was initially introduced in Canada a few month back and is currently being rolled to Android users across the world. So if you have not yet received the update, please wait for a few more days and check whether you are on the latest version of the app.

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As of now, the messaging feature supports adding up to 30 people to your group. You can either choose people from your contacts or invite them by sending a link to try out the new feature.

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