Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app out there. In face it is the only app with over a billion monthly active users.

It was acquired by Facebook a few years back for a staggering sum of money and Facebook has been adding several new features to the app ever since.

While some of these features like 2 factor authentication and encryption are really useful, features like disappearing statuses and image and video status were not welcomed by most people.

But there is one feature which was requested by a lot of Whatsapp users which has not been implemented yet.

Auto reply feature

It is the ability to automatically send replies to your contacts or groups when you receive a pattern or a format of messages.

For example, if someone sends you a text message saying ‘Good Morning’ then the feature would automatically reply ‘Good Morning to you too’ or a similar phrase you prefer.

You could also use this on those monotonous situations where you have to reply Thank you to everyone on your birthday or on the day you achieve something.

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While the developers of Whatsapp has not yet responded to this feature request, a third party app developer have developed an app that acheives this.

The app, called, AutoResponder For Whatsapp, allows you to set rules based on the messages you receive and the contacts you would want to reply to automatically.

So, if you want to reply someone with ‘I am fine’ whenever they text you with the question, “Hey! How are you?”, then this is the app you should download.

You can download the app from the below link and follow the instructions to start sending automated responses to your Whatsapp contacts and groups.

How To Send Automated Messages In Whatsapp

Step 1:

Download the AutoResponder For Whatsapp app from the Google Play Store. The app is not released yet and is currently on the development stage. So, some features may not be available for using.

Step 2:

Open the app and then grant the notification permissions by clicking on the notification settings icon.

Whatsapp auto reply response

This is to allow the app to read your Whatsapp notifications so that it could send the automated responses accordingly.

Step 3:

Now go back to the app and then click on the green add button towards the bottom to create a new rule.

This rule will help you to set your custom message and to assign to whom that should be sent to.

Step 4:

Now under the Received Message text box, type the text for which you want the app to send automated responses to.

Whatsapp auto reply response

For example, if you want to send out auto responses when someone sends you a message with ‘Hello’, then type it on the box.

Step 5:

Now type in the Reply Message text box, the text you want to send as an automated reply.

Step 6:

You can now choose to whom you want to send the auto responses to.

You can either choose to send it to all your contacts or your groups or even specific contacts if you want.

Whatsapp auto reply response

If you pay for the pro version, then you can delay the time before the app sends out the auto response.

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That’s it you can now hit the tick icon at the bottom to save your rule and the app will now start sending out responses to your Whatsapp messages accordingly!


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