We all know about the icon packs for our Android phones that we can apply by using third party launchers and customize our phones according to our taste (I pity iPhone users 😛 ).

Similar to our android phones, there are icon packs for our Windows PCs also that most of us are not aware of. We can use these icon packs to modify the look and feel of our PC according to our taste.

Here we list some of the best icon packs that can bring a change in your windows PC’s user interface.


How To Install These Icon Packs

Some of these icon packs come with their own installers and setup instructions, but some need third-party tools like 7Conifier orIcon Packager, and others just provide a bunch of DLL, EXE, or ICO files for you to save on your system.

Once you’ve got the icons installed, sometimes you’ll need to change them manually. To do so, right-click on a folder or file and select the Customize tab. Next, navigate to Folder icons > Change Icon and use the Browse button to point at wherever you’ve saved the icon.


  • Before doing any of these changes, make sure you create a restore point in your Windows PC so that even if something goes wrong, you can always revert it back to safety.
  • Once you’ve selected it, never relocate or delete the ICO file. Doing so will cause the icon of any files using it to revert to the Windows-wide default white rectangle.

OS X Minimalism iPack

This icon pack brings the widely-praised macOS icons into Windows. They’re not quite the real deal (the developer has edited them slightly), but they are as close as you’re going to get and also the most safest way to give your PC a Mac look as most of the icon packs out there are either malwares or they do some unwanted changes in your PC that will slow down your boot time.

In addition to the standard system-wide icons, the OS X Minimalism iPack also patches the icons for Chrome, Firefox, RegEdit, the calculator, Command Prompt, and Windows Media Player.

OS X Minimalism iPack comes as a 7Z file. You’ll need a program like 7-Zip to access it. Once you’ve extracted the contents, just run OS X Minimalism iPack.exe.

The Numix Icon Project

If you’ve spent any time using a Linux- or Android-based operating system, you might already be familiar with the Numix Project. It makes everything from themes and icons to apps and wallpapers. This icon pack, available on DeviantArt, is the Windows port of their work. It includes blue, brown, and pink folder icons, as well as a wide variety of ICO files you can deploy elsewhere within Windows. Like the OS X Minimalism iPack, it also comes with an iPack EXE file to help with the installation process.

Arc Icons

These icons are made by the same developer responsible for the Numix Icon port. The shade of blue you see everywhere in Windows 10 features heavily. Like other packs on this list, the icons take a flat and minimal approach to design. In addition to folder icons, you’ll find a Wi-Fi icon, a “translation” icon, a new Recycle Bin icon, and a wide selection of general multi-purpose icons that gives a very minimal look to your windows.

It’s very easy to install this icon pack. Just download and extract the ZIP file from DeviantArt. Within the extracted folder, you’ll find all the individual ICO files. Just copy and paste them all into the folder where you keep other ICO files, and they’ll be available in File Properties > Customize > Folder icons > Change Icon.

Flat Color W10 IconPack

Like some of the other packs we mentioned earlier, it takes its design cues from Windows 10’s Fluent Design, but flattens out the colors and homogenizes the design. For folders, the designer has used the same basic design with a content-specific icon laid over the top.

flat color icons windows 10

There are also unique icons explicitly for music, video, and picture files. Like the Arc pack, icons are supplied in a basic ICO format. You just need to make the desired alterations in each file or folder’s customization tab.

WinRemix Icon Pack

In this icon pack folders are only available in a mid-tone green, but they look excellent. On each folder is an icon so you can make them content specific, and there’s also a blank option. Away from folders, there’s a selection of icon files that appear to have taken inspiration from both the Fluent Design principles used on Windows and the Material Design used on Android.

But the installation procedure for this icon pack is slightly complicated when compared to the rest of the icon packs.

In the downloaded file, you first need to locate and run Reg Key. Now, head to Windows\System32, take admin ownership of imageres.dll, and rename it to imageres.dll.original. Then do the same with zipfldr.dll. It will protect your files in case you want to revert back to the originals in the future.

Next, paste the imageres.dll and zipfldr.dll from your download into the Windows\System32folder. Lastly, rename Refresh Icons to Refresh Icons.exe and run the software.


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