Google is currently testing a brand new app called Google Search Lite and is sending out the test link to users at Indonesia.

The app might be targeted to regions around the world with slow and unstable connections like India as the app only has the choice of Indian languages as of now.

Following AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages and Mobile Lite version webpages, Search Lite seems to be Google’s recent attempt to help the users with a slow internet connection.

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The Google Search Lite is expected to return quicker search results and consume less data than the Default Google Search App.

Download Google Search Lite App

The normal Google Search App typically occupies more than 100 megabytes of your storage and since it is a system app, it runs at the background at all times thus consuming your RAM and your battery.

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But this Lite alternative might solve this by occupying very less storage and RAM.

Features Of Google Lite Search App

Google has designed the Google Search Lite to be as simple as possible so that it loads quickly even in slower phones.

Everything you need to do a Google Search is placed right at the home screen and they all launch pretty fast. You can also access the settings and change your preferences right from your home page.

The search option in the lite version is much snappier than the official one and it places the search bar at the bottom which makes it easier to access.

Download Google Search Lite App

All of your search keyword history will also be displayed above the search bar along with search suggestions. Google also seems to give priority to AMP results when you search for something.


There is also an offline pages option in the home page where you can access the webpages you saved when you are not connected to the internet.

Apart from the home page there is nothing much to the app as it is currently in the Experimental stage. So, Google might add new features soon based on the feedback from the users.

You also have the option to use lite web pages by default if you want to save more of your data or if you are in a really slow connection.

Download Google Search Lite App

The Google Search Lite might soon launch to regions with slow connectivity once the Experimental build is tested successfully.

Until then, you can download the APK file of the from below and use it. If you don’t know how to install an APK file, follow the instructions below.

How To Install Google Search Lite App

Step 1:

Download the APK file for the Google Search Lite App from the above link.

Step 2:

Now you have to enable the option to allow your to install files from unknown sources to install the app.

Go to Settings->Security->Unknown Sources and enable it.

Download Google Search Lite App

Step 3:

Now Go back to the APK File you downloaded and then open it to install.

Step 4:

You will now be asked to choose a language, choose the one you are familiar with and start using the app.

Download Google Search Lite App

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