Android Oreo must be probably the most hyped version of Android ever. Right from the name and the features everything about the Google’s latest mobile OS was the talk of the town for the past couple weeks.

Android Oreo

Amidst much anticipation and hype, the 8th consecutive version of Android OS has now arrived and true to the rumours, it has been named as Android Oreo.

Google has arranged a live streaming on YouTube to broadcast the launch event of Android Oreo to the Google and Android fanatics across the globe.

Though the live stream was started successfully and over 30000 viewers joined the broadcast, due to some technical errors, the stream was abruptly disconnected in the middle of the huge Android O reveal.

Android Oreo

The live stream is still not back on. But Google seemed to have a put a lot of effort into the reveal of Android O. The name was revealed just after the counter ended and a short video was played on the projector at the event venue.

It sounded like a TV commercial where a background voice over said how powerful and smart the newest version of Android, Android Oreo is. The Android icon, dressed as a superhero with an Oreo tied to the front, was seen flying among other Android logo characters in the ground and displaying its abilities.

Android Oreo

Before the live broadcast was cut, the Android Oreo was shown running on the Google Pixel phone. You can watch the live stream here, well if you can.

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