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Whatsapp latest update for Android, even though much slower than the iOS version, still introduces the latest features first to its users. If you are a beta user, then you can get your hands on the latest new features much earlier than the normal users.

The latest beta update with the version number, 2.19.54, has introduced 2 brand new features which include group video calls with up to 4 members and also playing Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and other platform videos in a pop-up mode from within the app.

Download Whatsapp latest


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This is no surprise considering the fact that, Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, which has been adding a lot of new features to the app lately, taking it further and further away from being a simple messaging app.

You might remember that Facebook, a few months back added the option to choose a background for your status, you can pick up from colors and pictures to choose as a background. This feature is now live.

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How To Use the latest features in Whatsapp for Android

Step 1:

Update your Whatsapp to the latest beta version 2.19.54.

You can check for the version by going to Settings->Help->App info

Step 2: Download Whatsapp latest update 2.19.54 With pop up videos 

If you are not a beta user, you can download Whatsapp latest update beta version from the below link.

You can also join the beta update program here, to automatically receive updates in the future.

Step 3:

Once you have downloaded the latest update and installed it, you can access the new features in the latest version of Whatsapp beta.

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