Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 eariler this year followed by the S7 series which was launched the year before. Both these series of phones were a massive success and received widely positive reviews.

Currently, both the S7 and the S8 series of phones including the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S7 Active and the S8, S8 Plus and the S8 Active are all running on Android Nougat 7.1.1.

While Android Oreo is already launched, it might take a while for these devices to be updated to it since Samsung has to modify it to fit on its exclusive mobile OS, the Experience UI.

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However, the Experience UI is not as bad as Touchwiz OS, the previous software version of Samsung and it genuienely comes with some very useful features.

One such feature that is present in the Samsung S7 and S8 phones running Android Nougat 7.1.1 is the Adapt sound which helps to improve sound quality in Galaxy S7 & S8.

What do you mean by Adapt sound?

Adapt sound is an attempt by Samsung in giving its users the sound experience and quality they deserve.

Basically what it does is, plays you a series of sounds and asks you whether you can hear or them or how clear does they sound.

Once you input your thoughts, Adapt sound will now create a personalized sound profile just for you.

Once your custom sound profile is set, it will be saved as the default output of your speakers and from now on you will be getting the perfect sound balance between your ears with improved sound quality in Galaxy S7 & S8.

You would even be able to identify different types of sound in your music.

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How To Improve Sound Quality In Galaxy S7 & S8 Using Adapt Sound

Step 1:

First go to Settings->Sounds and vibrations->Sound quality and effects

Improve Sound Quality in galaxy s7

Step 2:

Now click on Adapt sound option at the bottom of your screen and then select Personalize sound in the next screen. If you are asked any permission, just click allow.

Improve Sound Quality in galaxy s7

Step 3:

Now plug in your headphones and then press the start button at the bottom. Make sure you are at a quiet place.


Step 4:

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8 will now start playing a number of beep sounds and will be asking after every beep whether you can hear it or not.

Improve Sound Quality in galaxy s7

Answer accordingly till it reaches 100% and modifies the equalizer according to your comfort.

Step 5:

Once the testing process is completed, the Adapt sound will be activated after you choose the preferred side of the headphone to receive calls.

You can now play your favourite song or use the preview function to test how well your phone has created a personalized sound profile for you.

Improve Sound Quality in galaxy s7

That’s it. You have successfully learnt how to improve sound quality in Galaxy S7 & S8. If you have any doubts regarding the process, kindly comment below for help!

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