Smartphone cameras have improved a lot over the years and they are turning out to be the potential alternatives to professional cameras.

With the dual camera setups introduced in almost every smartphone released today, you no longer have to carry a DSLR Camera with a tripod to capture a perfect shot.

Along with the hardware advancements, the software side has also witnessed a significant improvement with the Optical and Electronic Image Stabilisation, Bokeh effect and the preset filters which could be applied before you capture the perfect shot.

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But most smartphone users do not realize the potential of their smartphone camera and ignore the fact that it is much more capable than just taking a simple selfie.

With the right amount of settings and the perfect situation, every smartphone is capable of capturing professional looking shots just like the costly DSLR Cameras.

So, if you are looking to capture a moving object using your smartphone camera but failed multiple times because the object is moving too fast, then it changes from now.

Because you are now going to learn a simple but highly effective trick, which will help you to perfectly capture moving objects and action shots with your smartphone camera.

Unlike numerous websites which instruct you to download some sort of paid app or a sponsored camera app which consumes your memory and battery and has a lot intrusive ads, this trick just helps you to capture action shots at the comfort of the default camera app that comes with your phone.

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How to capture action shots with default camera app

Step 1:

Open the default camera app on your phone (Obviously)

Step 2:

Now, if you have a decent smartphone with a pretty good camera, then certainly you would have a professional mode built right into the camera app.

Unlike, the default mode, you can modify the settings in the professional mode, like the amount of exposure you want, the shutter speed, the light effects and much more based on your phone.

Step 3:

Based on the manufacture, the professional mode could either be accessed from the left menu or by clicking on an icon on the main screen.

action shots

In my Moto Z play, the professional mode is present under the options button on the main screen, it is pretty much the same position for all the Motorola phones.

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Step 4:

Once you are in the professional mode, look for an option called ISO. The ISO option generally comes with a lot of values and the highest one means that you have a faster shutter speed.

action shots

So, select the highest value present in your ISO option and then go back to the main screen.

Step 5:

You can now capture the fast moving object or an action shot and since your shutter speed is set to the maximum possible value, your camera will be quick enough to capture the object.

So instead of some blurred thing on your screen, you will now get the actual object you tried to capture using your smartphone camera.

Remember that, the ISO setting is purely based on the quality of your camera and the conditions of your surroundings. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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