In Android Nougat 7.0, Google introduced the option to add and remove additional toggles to the quick settings menu.

You can drag and drop settings toggles like hotspot or remove the existing ones like Location from the quick toggles if you don’t want them.

But unfortunately, the default functionality restricts itself to adding only the settings toggles to the quick panel. However, thanks to the open source nature of Android, we could include any kind of functionality we want to the OS and some of them don’t even need root access.

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One such added advantage is that, you could add your favourite apps along with the other toggles to the quick settings panel.

This means that you could open the messaging app or Facebook from anywhere you want directly from the panel.

quick settings

All you need is to download and enable an Android app and luckily it doesn’t even need root access.

The app also supports adding other useful features like quick toggles for taking screenshot, locking your phone, changing the sound profile and more.

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Here is how to do it.

How To Add An App To The Quick Settings In Android

Step 1:

In order to add your favourite app to the quick settings in Android, first download and install the below app called Nougat / Oreo Quick Settings.

Quick Settings
Quick Settings
Developer: Simone Sestito
Price: Free+
  • Quick Settings Screenshot
  • Quick Settings Screenshot

Step 2:

Now open the app. It will now ask you to remove it from the doze optimization list to work without any issues. Click the warning and then you will taken to the doze settings.

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Step 3:

Now click the option above that says ‘Not optimized’ and then switch to ‘all apps’

quick settings

Step 4:

Now select the Nougat / Oreo Quick Settings app from the list and then select Don’t optimize from the pop up.

quick settings

Step 5:

Now go back to the app and then enable the ‘Application and Shortcuts’ option.

quick settings

Step 6:

Drag down your notification panel and then select the edit icon at the top right corner.

Step 7:

Scroll down the options till you find ‘Application and Shortcuts’ option and then drag it and place it on your main quick settings panel.

quick settings

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Step 8:

Now click to select and add your favourite app to the quick settings. You can add upto 3 apps using this method.

quick settings

That’s it. You have successfully added your favourite app to the quick settings in Android. Don’t forget to share this trick with your friends and fellow Android Enthusiasts!

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