Google launched the Gboard last year to iOS and it was launched to Android after a few months. The initial version of the Gboard only supported sending of emojis and images from the search results.

But, Google introduced a major update to the Gboard a few weeks back where it added the option to send GIFs directly from your keyboard on supported apps.

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Following this major update, Google has now added support to send stickers and Bitmojis to the supported messaging apps.

Here is how to use Gboard to send stickers and bitmojis to your friends across various messaging apps.

This example demonstrates the steps using the Android version of Whatsapp, a popular messaging app.

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How To Send Stickers In Whatsapp (Android & iOS)

Step 1:

Make sure you are on the version 6.5.8 or above on the Gboard app. You can check the version by opening the app on the Play Store.

Step 2:

Open the messaging app where you want to send a sticker or a bitmoji.

Step 3:

Now long press the smiley button on your keyboard and switch to the new button in the middle to access the stickers and bitmojis.


Step 4:

By default, there will not be any Stickers and bitmojis on the Gboard app, so you have to download your favourite ones from the play store.


Step 5:

Open the Google Play Store and search for your favourite sticker and then download and install it. You can also download and create the bitmojis in the same way.

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Step 6:

Now go back to the messaging app where you want to send the stickers and bitmojis and now the newly downloaded stickers will already be loaded.



Step 7:

Just tap on the one you want to use and then hit the send button to share it with your friends.


Currently the Gboard stickers and bitmojis work only in a specific set of apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and a few more messaging apps. It might take a while before it could be used on more apps.

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