Instagram is currently the second most popular social network, next only to Facebook, with millions of monthly active users around the world.

While it was initially a platform to share your photos, in recent times it has evolved a lot. Facebook has introduced a lot of new features to Instagram like the live filters, stories, stickers and more.

However, most Instagram users are not utilizing the ton of other features the social media has to offer. So, here is a list of Top 5 Instagram tricks which could be used on both the Android and the iOS version of the app.

Some of these Instagram tricks, if rightly used could even help you to get a ton of new followers and likes for your pictures and videos.

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Top 5 Instagram Tricks To Get More Likes And Followers

Use the Explore feature

When you click on the search button at the bottom of the Instagram app, you will be taken to the explore tab.

Here you can find a list of stories at the top posted by pages and people whom Instagram thinks you might be interested in.

These recommendations are all based on the popular hashtags, locations near you and the people or pages you already follow.

Instagram tricks

So, if you use those hashtags when you post a new story, Instagram might feature your story in the Explore tab.

Once you get on there, people near you and those who are searching for the hashtag you used on your story will see it on their Explore tab.

This means you automatically reach millions of people with minimal effort thus getting a ton of followers and views on your story.

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Comment on popular accounts as soon as they post

There are a lot of accounts in Instagram with people or pages who have hundreds and thousands of followers.

You might have already followed these accounts and several hundred others.

The thing is, as soon as these people post something new, their thousands of followers will be browsing through the new pics and scrolling through the comments.

So, if you get there and make an interesting comment as soon as a popular account shares a post, chances are people will notice your comment, like it and even open your profile and follow you.

But how to know as soon as someone posts a new picture or a video? There is a simple way to do that.

Just open the profile of an Instagram account with a lot of followers and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner. Now select the option, ‘Turn on post notifications’.

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Add popular hashtags to your posts

This must be one of the easiest Instagram tricks out there. Sometimes specific hashtags like #Friyay or #MondayMadness might start trending out of the blue and you might not even know it.

So, whenever you are about to share a new photo on your Instagram account, make sure to type # followed by a letter.

Instagram will now show you how many times the hashtag was used on that particular day. Pick a one which is relevant to the image you are sharing and was also used a lot of times.

This way when someone clicks on a hashtag somewhere, Instagram will display your post on the recents tab.

Chances are people will click on your image or even visit your profile and follow you if they are impressed with your post.

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Benefit from the Instagram Algorithm

The algorithm of Instagram is designed in such a way to show people the posts at the top of their feed based on the posts they have liked and commented on the past.

The algorithm also makes sure to show the popular content at first and the remaining ones at a different time.

So, if you want to be shown at the top of your follower’s feed every time they log in to their accounts you have to make sure to post on the ideal time when most of the people are online.

To do this, you can go to the following tab by clicking on the love icon on the bottom of the app. Now just notice what kind of activities have taken place recently.

If you see a lot of your followers or friends liking posts or following some people, then you can know that a lot of people are currently active on Instagram.

Instagram tricks

Once you find out for sure when most people on your account are online,then you can choose that specific time period to share new posts.

By this way, the algorithm will start showing your new posts to many people.

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Use the location tagging feature

Tagging the location in your photos is one of the most effective Instagram tricks and if done right, it could help you in getting hundreds of new followers and likes for your posts.

Once you post a new post with a specific location tagged on it, whenever people search for that location or click on that tag, your photo will also be shown along with the other photos that are also tagged in the same location.

This trick will be really useful if you are at a party or a concert and tag your location.

As hundreds of people are already on that location, your photo could probably be shown to everyone who is searching for that particular location.

Instagram tricks

You could also try tagging your location on your stories, but geo tagging in posts is preferred as stories tend to disappear after 24 hours.

If you liked the above tricks and found them to be useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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