Xiaomi is on a roll now and it has been on top trending topics in the entire internet for the past week due to it’s surprise launch of Xiaomi Mi A1 and now the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

After a lot of critical acclamation for it’s first ever phone with stock android, Xiaomi is back to producing phones with MIUI now and this time, it brings the successor to the last years “most futuristic” smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The original Xiaomi Mi Mix came out last year and it was first of its kind and definitely a head turner.

The entire tech world was shocked by that phones’s screen to body ratio and the way Xiaomi had managed to bring the future of smartphone a bit earlier than anticipated.

But this time, in the mid 2017, Xiaomi Mi mix will not be the only “bezel less” smartphone in the market and with its successor facing far more competition than the Mi Mix ever did, it is definitely a million dollar question that whether Mix 2 will survive the heat?

First Impressions Of The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

First impression is the best impression and Mi Mix 2 knows how to create a lasting impression. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is definitely one of the most sexiest phone out there.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 comes with a 5.99 inches (~80.8% screen-to-body ratio) display with a Full HD+ resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio.

Quality of the display is top notch and gets pretty bright even in broad day light situations.

Just like the last year’s Mi Mix, the Mi Mix 2 also has its front facing camera in the bottom but that does not affect the camera experience much.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Last year, Xiaomi found a way to put the earpiece under the display of the phone but this time they decided to put it on top with a tube unit that points upward and comes with a tiny slit at the top.

However, Xiaomi still managed to place the Ultrasonic proximity sensor under the screen, so you the phone won’t be having problems when you are using it too close to your face of in your pockets.

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Specifications And Build Quality

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 comes with all the latest specifications and build quality that you will expect in a phone like this. It comes with a Snapdragon 835 Soc under the hood with a 6GB of RAM and memory options of 64/128/256GB built in.

It also comes with a 3400 mAh battery to power this bezel less beast which also supports Quick Charge 3.0 to help us charge the phone in a short amount of time. One thing that this fully packed phone does not have is the headphone jack.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

By deafault, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 comes with a ceramic body in the back with an aluminium frame in the sides to give an extra touch of durability.

Xiaomi is also launching a special a special edition of the phone that features a ceramic unibody design without the aluminium alloy frame, and it is decorated with 18K PVD gold coating surrounding the camera and fingerprint sensor rim.

This special edition Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will also come with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of built-in storage.


One thing that came as a surprise to many was the camera setup in the Mi Mix 2. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 does not host a dual camera setup.

Instead it equiped with a single 12 MP shooter with phase detection autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash and also with IMX386 image sensor with 4-axis optical image stabilization and an f/2.0 aperture. It also has a 5 MP selfie camera.

We are pretty sure that the single camera set up in the Mi Mix 2 will perform well in different lighting conditions.

We have not done the full review yet but we did take few shots with it and it does look pretty impressive with a good contrast and a pretty decent color reproduction.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Support For Global Bands

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will come with support for global bands which will include more bands this time than the Mi Note 2 did when it was released.

This concurs that you will now be able to use this phone in the US as well, even though it may not officially be released in that market.

However we are expecting that the Mi Mix 2 will see a wider release and far more availability than its predecessor Mi Mix and will expand its market out side asia as well.

Final Thoughts And Price

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 does seems to be a promising competitor in the mid range market as it is priced at Rs.36999 in India which is approximately $568 USD.

For this price point, Mi Mix 2 does offer a great package and a beautiful, almost bezel less design that does not compromise on the performance factor. Mi Mix 2 is a lot easier to use in one-hand which was not possible in the last year’s model.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

One of the best things that we noticed is the way the ceramic design is used in this phone.

Xiaomi continues to use ceramic material very well, which makes you feel like you are holding a device that is all display, all the time.

One thing that we miss is the headphone jack.

Even though we all know that wireless is the future, we do miss the 70 year old technology that has been a part of our life for a very long time.

Well, its time to wrap up the first impressions. Stay tuned for the full review very soon. You can go through the list of detailed specs of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 at GSMArena

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