CCleaner, abbreviation of Crap Cleaner is a popular cleaning software in Windows and Android with over 2 Billion downloads. Priform, the makers of CCleaner, announced earlier today on a blog post that some parts of their software has been hacked by unknown hackers.

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Apparently, the download servers of Avast, the parent company of CCleaner has been compromised and a security breach was detected this morning. The hackers have managed to attach a malware to the setup file of version 5.33.6162 and any user who have downloaded the version might be affected by the Malware.

The malware was also injected to the Cloud version 1.07.3191 on the Windows 32-bit systems. According to the report by Priform, the malware could retrieve important data from the installed PC like the name of the computer, list of installed software, list of running processes, mac addresses, and whether the PC was a 32-bit or 64-bit variant.


Priform has immediately rectified the issue and has released a new version of CCleaner 5.34 which is free of the Malware. The company claims that the malware was injected before the final release of the software and they have not yet found out how it happened or who  did it.

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CCleaner Hacked – How To Ensure Your Device Is Safe

If you are one among the 2 Billion users of CCleaner, chances are that your PC might also be affected by the malware.

To ensure that you are completely safe from any malware or security breach, first uninstall the current version installed on your PC and immediately replace it with the CCleaner 5.34.

You can download it here.

Once you have installed the new version, perform a complete scan of your system using the Windows defender to make sure there are no residual files left on your PC.

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If you are using the cloud version, then you might have already received the latest update.

Over 2 Million users are expected to be infected by this CCleaner malware, so it is highly recommended that you follow the above mentioned steps to protect your PC and all your valuable files.


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