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iPhone X was introduced a few days back by Apple and for the first time in years Apple has removed the home button from the iPhone which also served several other purposes as a touch id to unlock your phone, as a home button and a navigation button.

So naturally, Apple fan boys were quite disappointed to bid farewell to the home button. But Apple replaced the navigation functionality of the home button with on screen gestures.

So, there is now a new ugly indication at the bottom of the iPhone X’s screen at all times, along with the top notch, which when swiped up will take you to the home screen, no matter which app you were using.

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However, this swipe to home gesture might not be new and innovative as you think. In fact this has been around for quite a some time now.

Even though it is not new, it is indeed an useful feature and it is definitely easier to go to your home screen by using the swipe to home gesture rather than pressing a physical or an on screen button.

The iPhone X will not be launching until next month, which means Apple users will not be able to use that feature for a few more weeks.

But, you can get your hands on this feature right now on your Android device by following the simple instructions below.

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How To Get iPhone X’s Swipe To Home Feature In Android

Step 1:

Download and Install the All in one Gestures app from the Google Play Store

All in one Gestures
All in one Gestures
Developer: YS Liang
Price: Free+
  • All in one Gestures Screenshot
  • All in one Gestures Screenshot
  • All in one Gestures Screenshot

Step 2:

Open the app and allow certain permissions for the app to function properly.

swipe to home

Step 3:

Now the app will ask you to give permission to modify system settings. This is just to assign the action to the swipe gesture to go to home screen. Enable the permission and go back to the app.

Step 4:

Now click on the enable option to allow the app to trigger the corresponding actions when you perform the swipe gesture from the respective edges of your screen.

swipe to home

Step 5:

The app will now be ask you to enable the accessibility permission by displaying a message at the bottom.

Click on the message and you will be taken to the Accessibility settings screen. From there, select the All in one Gestures app and then enable the accessibility permission.

Step 6:

Now go back to the app and then click again on the enable option. You can now select the bottom area option under the edges option to enable the swipe gesture at the bottom edge of your screen.

Select Home from the pop up menu to assign the swipe up action to go to the home screen.

swipe to home

Step 7:

You can now see an indication at the bottom edge of the screen and if you swipe at that edge from any app, you will be taken to the home screen just like the iPhone X.

Step 8:

If you don’t like that ugly indication present at the bottom of your screen, going to Settings->Personalization->Edge Preference and then reducing the Opacity to 0%.

That’s it. You have successfully enabled the iPhone X’s swipe to home gesture on your Android device all without having to spend a $1000.

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