Twitter 280 is probably the thing everyone is Tweeting about for the past couple of days. For a long time, Twitter has followed a strict 140 character limits for its Tweets. This was appreciated by some and criticized by many. Thankfully, Twitter is currently testing out a closed beta update where it has increased the character limits for Tweets from 140 to 280.

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This is one of the biggest changes ever made to Twitter since its launch and certainly millions of people are going to be benefited from this Twitter 280 Characters update. Some people are already using this opportunity to troll Twitter and are creating all kinds of funny Tweets related to this.

However, as of now only a limited set of people are able to post a Tweet of more than 140 characters and it might roll out to everyone in the coming days once the beta test process is completed. But, if you cannot wait till the official update, you can make use of this simple trick to get through the 140 character limit right now.

Here is how.

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How to Get Twitter 280 Characters update right now

Step 1:

First, head over here and drag the website with the code to be executed and then place it on the bookmarks bar of your web browser.

Note, this trick currently works for the desktop version of Twitter only.

Step 2:

Now, go to and then click on the bookmarked website.

Step 3:

Your Tweet limit will now be automatically updated from 140 to 280 instantly. You can also bookmark the Tweetdeck website if you want.

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That’s it you have successfully gotten the new Twitter 280 character update.

Twitter 280

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