Ultra Pixel

We all know that Google will be launching the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 on October 4th. But, there is an unknown 3rd device, supposedly named as the Ultra Pixel which is also rumoured to be launched on the same event by Google.

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While a lot of renders and specs of both the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 have been leaked throughout the year, this is the first time the world is even hearing about a device called the Ultra Pixel. If rumours are to be true, the Ultra Pixel will come with a near bezel less display and a larger screen to body ratio than the older Pixel devices.

The leak was first revealed at the Youtube channel, MrWhoseTheBoss by the channel owner Arun Maini. He claims that he has received an anonymous tip which included a blurry photo of an internal slide from Google and also a shaky short video.

According to the leaked short video, Google might get rid of the on screen navigation buttons on the Ultra Pixel and would probably replace them with gestures just like the iPhone X.

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However, this seems too far fetched now, especially considering the fact that no other popular sources or well known leakers have revealed about the Ultra Pixel than the said YouTube channel.

Also, as XDA has mentioned, the leaked image has a device with a wallpaper which is the same as that of the current Pixel phone. So, someone might have just started a rumour just to be in the spotlight for some time.

Ultra Pixel

Even if the leaks and rumours about the Ultra Pixel might be a complete shot in the dark, it is still worth noting that, Google has already removed the headphone jack much like the previous generation of iPhone.

So, who’s to say that it might not follow the same trend for the Ultra Pixel by opting in for a near bezel less display and gestures instead of navigation buttons.

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Only time will tell. Tune in on October 4th to know if the rumours are true or not.

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