Ever wondered whether I should post this pic I took at the beach or the other one I took at the mall to get more Instagram likes? Have you worried that you should have applied a different filter instead and you would have gotten more likes or shares?

Well, here is a thought. What if there is an app that could predict how much likes you would get for that image or for a particular filter before you share the image with thousands of your followers. Fortunately, there is.

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Cornea, a new Android app in town helps you by providing you with the details of how popular your image could get if you post it on Instagram. You can use a combination of filters or create something of your own to increase the popularity score.

The app shows you a list of filters and art forms that are currently trending across multiple social profiles online and you could use it on your image and post it on your Instagram profile to get more Instagram likes than usual.

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How to predict how many Instagram Likes your image will get

Step 1:

Download and Install the Cornea app from the Google Play Store

Step 2:

Open the app and give it necessary permissions to capture new images using the app or load existing ones on your device.

Step 3:

Now select an image which you are planning to post on your Instagram profile.

Step 4:

The app will now automatically analyse your image and then give you a score on how popular it would get if you share it online and how many Instagram Likes it will get.

Instagram Likes

Step 5:

You can apply the filters and art forms below to increase your popularity score before you post it on your Instagram profile.

That’s it. Share the image and let us know in the comments below how accurate did the app predict your popularity.

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