Facebook has always played a major role when it comes to connecting people across the world especially during times of disaster and emergencies. Be it the recent Hurricanes, the earthquakes or the occasional floods, people have benefited a lot through Facebook by using its mark as safe feature which was recently introduced to let their friends and families to know they are safe.

However, there is one more emergency situation where people seek the help of Facebook. It is asking the public or their friends and followers for a specific type of blood donor during times of urgencies. This process has always been tough and it is really difficult to immediately seek someone who has the needed blood group and is also willing to donate.

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Fortunately, Facebook will be introducing a new feature to India starting from October 1, India’s National Blood Donor day. According to Hema Budaraju, a Facebook product manager, “People are using Facebook literally thousands of times a week to look for blood donors,”. India is one of those countries in the world with a large population but has a huge shortage of blood.

So, to reduce the commotion and the stress involved in seeking out for a perfect donor during times of need, Facebook will be adding a new feature to both its web and the app version exclusively for users in India.

Facebook Blood Donor

Facebook users in India could sign up using this feature to become an eligible blood donor willing to donate blood during times of need. Facebook has conducted research and has collected data from doctors, non profit organizations and also from people who has previously got blood donors through Facebook to ensure that everyone will benefit from this new Facebook Blood Donor feature.

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How the Facebook Blood Donor feature works:

You can either sign up to this Facebook Blood Donor feature by editing your profile details or directly use the message that will be displayed on your news feed to sign up. Facebook will be improving this feature in the coming weeks by adding new options.

Facebook Blood Donor

People seeking out for blood donors could post special type of posts with the details of required blood type and contact number. People who match these details will be automatically notified by Facebook based on their location and interested individuals could contact the person looking out for donors.

Hope a lot of people benefit from this new Facebook blood donor feature and Facebook would soon introduce this extremely useful feature across the world. What do you think about this new feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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