Increase Internal Memory

Most of us would have thought at one time or the other that how awesome it would be if we could increase internal memory on our Android device. The problem is most Android smartphones come with a limited amount of Internal storage memory and a significant part of it comes pre occupied with system files and pre installed Google apps.

Of course you could buy a phone with a large amount of internal storage space or a phone which supports external SD cards. But these options cost you a lot more money and SD cards are not always faster or secure than the internal memory built into your phone. So, here is a crazy thought.

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What if you could compress the apps that are already installed on the internal memory of your phone so that you could save that extra space and install some new apps or download something else you like instead of uninstalling your apps.

Well, you absolutely do that and luckily it does not require any special requirements or root access. You can compress the apps installed on your phone and could Increase internal memory storage almost instantly.

How To Increase Internal Memory By Compressing Apps

Step 1:

First download and install the Never Uninstall Apps – SpaceUp app from the Google Play Store.

Never Uninstall Apps - SpaceUp
Never Uninstall Apps - SpaceUp
Developer: Stash Co
Price: Free
  • Never Uninstall Apps - SpaceUp Screenshot
  • Never Uninstall Apps - SpaceUp Screenshot

Step 2:

Open the app and pass through the initial setup.

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Step 3:

The app will now show you the current storage status of your phone. With details like the number of apps installed, amount of storage used by the apps and how many apps could be compressed.

Step 4:

Just click on the scan button at the bottom. The app will now ask you to grant the accessibility permission.

Click on the app on the next screen and then enable the permission.

Step 5:

The app will now begin scanning your phone to gather information about the apps running in the background and the total amount of storage space available.

Increase Internal Memory

Step 6:

Once the scanning is completed, you should now select the apps you use the least from the list of installed apps on the next screen of the scan results.

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Step 7:

Be careful not to select the apps you use frequently. Because the data associated with the app might be lost during the compression process.

Step 8:

Once you have selected the apps to be compressed, proceed by clicking on the compress selected apps button.

Step 9:

The app will now begin to compress the selected apps one by one. Once the compression process is complete, click on the menu at the top right corner of the app to access the compressed apps.

Step 10:

You can uncompress the apps anytime you want by selecting them from the menu or by creating a shortcut on your homescreen.

Well, this is how to increase internal memory by compressing the apps installed on your phone.

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